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Political correctness killing classic lit: ‘N’ word slashed from Huck Finn in NewSouth edition

First Little Red Riding Hood’s big bad wolf no longer ate grandma. Then new versions of the Bible popped up, replacing those horribly discriminatory phrases such as “sons of God” with the gender-neutral and politically correct “children of God.” Now … Continue reading

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Man says Ozzy Osbourne made him drive drunk and more: Rynski Radio – update with playlist and download

People try to cry their way out of speeding tickets or make up some lame excuse to explain their traffic violations all the time. But one Ohio guy’s excuse for driving drunk is a new one. He’s blaming Ozzy Osbourne. … Continue reading

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10 worst predictions for 2011: New year promises Yoko Ono-McCartney album along with World War III

Grab your children and your cameras as World War III is on the way for 2011. At least that’s one of the predictions that kept popping up while researching the 10 worst things in store for the new year. Psychic … Continue reading

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Smuggler hides drugs in Easter candy, hypnosis to beat the cold and more: Rynski radio – UPDATE with playlist and download

One drug smuggler got his holidays a bit mixed up when he reportedly tried to sneak cocaine through Los Angeles International Airport. He hid the drugs in little Easter egg candy – in the middle of December. It didn’t work. … Continue reading

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The real reason Santa Claus rocks: St. Nick brings us much more than Christmas gifts

It’s a cold day at the North Pole when we stop believing in Santa Claus. Santa symbolizes the warm, cozy spirit of the season’s generosity. He is the magical man with big hugs and an even bigger toy sack. He’s … Continue reading

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Santa robs yacht club, electric eel powers Christmas lights and more – Rynski radio – UPDATE with playlist and download

At least one Santa had a skewed version of the Christmas spirit when he pulled out a gun to rob a Rhode Island yacht club last week. Guess he felt it better to receive than to give. That story and … Continue reading

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The real way to fight the holiday blues: A hot bath and a handgun

If you’re suffering from the holiday blues, you are certainly not alone. My friend and I used to compete to see which of us would suffer deeper and sooner. She blew me out of the snowbank one year by scheduling … Continue reading

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