Escaped prisoner team ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ get makeovers: Blond not best color for Welch, more escape and whereabouts details

Escaped killer John McCluskey and his fiancée-cousin Casslyn Welch, dubbed “Bonnie and Clyde,” have changed their appearances, according to a news release and photo composites from the U.S. Marshals Service.

McCluskey, 45, is thought to have gone darker, dying his hair black, and grown a beard.

BEFORE: John McCluskey

AFTER: U.S. Marshals Service composite

Welch, 44, may have gone blond and has reportedly lost some weight, making her thinner than in her smirking Motor Vehicle Department photo.

BEFORE: Casslyn Welch

AFTER: U.S. Marshals Service composite

Perhaps Welch’s weight loss could be attributed to the possible diet of Cheetos and beef jerky one would expect from life on the lam.

Or perhaps it was the stress of helping three convicted murderers escape from the Kingman prison July 30. Yes, the prison was operated by a private company. Yes, Gov. Jan Brewer is getting blasted from all angles, with frequent news releases from gubernatorial candidate and Attorney General Terry Goddard and others.

More details on the escape reported by The Arizona Republic say Welch simply climbed over a berm to reach the fence perimeter, where the convicts were waiting. The inmates got from their dorm-style lockup to the prison yard through a door with a busted alarm.

Welch then allegedly threw a pair of wire cutters over the fence, which the convicts promptly used to cut a hole in it. So much for our wire-cutters-in-a-cake theory.

The three inmates then crawled to freedom.

Two of the escapees are already in custody – Daniel Renwick, 36, was nabbed in Colorado the day after the escape and Tracy Province, 42, was caught in Wyoming Aug. 9.

That leaves the made-over “Bonnie and Clyde” on the loose.

Where are they now?

Obviously, no one knows or they would be in custody. A hot tip did come in soon after the makeover photos were released, the Associated Press said, putting the duo in Arkansas.

Coincidentally, a couple matching McCluskey’s and Welch’s descriptions pulled off an armed robbery of Kut and Curl beauty salon in Gentry.

No word on the items taken, or if the booty included a beard trimming kit or black and blond hair dye.

Although authorities in Arkansas scrambled to follow-up, all they hit was a dead end.

While it is possible the couple could have traveled the 1,600 miles from their last sighting on the eastern edge of Glacier National Park on Sunday, Aug. 8, to Arkansas by the morning of Wednesday, Aug. 11 – it is not probable.

All movement so far has largely hinted at a hop over the Canadian border.

The makeovers

While McCluskey’s changed appearance does do him justice – the beard covers much of his face – Welch has it all wrong.

Her coloring is simply not suited for blond, especially with those stark, dark eyebrows. Her haircut, too, only serves to elongate her already-thin face, leaving her with something that resembles poodle ears hanging lank by her shoulders.

Get rid of the bangs.

Welch could improve her appearance instead if she went with a deep auburn and a layered cut – and wiped that dang smirk off her face.

The reward now stands at $40,000, The Republic said, and anyone with info is urged to call ASP Kingman Escapees Task Force at 602-542-1212. You can also call the U.S. Marshals line at (877) WANTED2


What do you think?

What is your prediction on how long it will take to catch this couple?

Will they be taken dead or alive?

What hairstyle and color would you recommend for Welch?


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4 Responses to Escaped prisoner team ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ get makeovers: Blond not best color for Welch, more escape and whereabouts details

  1. Oakland says:

    The blond look might go well with the orange jumpsuit she is going to have to wear for a long time.

  2. Alan in Kent WA says:

    I can’t offer any advise for Mcclusky, but Welsh shough have went for black, straightened hair, and a head band.  Tie dye would have put her into the hippie fossil territory that would mean most people would ignore them.

    • Rynski says:

      YOU! are smart, alan in kent wa – that would have be a perfect disguise.
      her gaunt frame, which we hear is now gaunter, would fit right in with the hippie skinny look. cool.
      don’t think mccluskey could pass for hippie, even with a revision – he’s too mean and beefy looking.
      thanks for creative input!

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