Man kicks poop at cops, teddy bear travel agency and more – UPDATE with playlist and download

Teddy bear in Rynart skull shirt -

A man who kicked his poop at cops, a man who started a travel agency for teddy bears and more are up this week on Rynski’s Shattered Reality Internet radio show at

Next show is Wednesday, August 11 (today!) and every Wednesday on Showtime is noon in Arizona, 3 p.m. EST. is an online radio alternative for listeners sick of stations that play one song followed by 500 commercials.

In addition to the fun stuff mentioned above, this week’s musical line-up includes occupational songs – those that mention particular jobs, not those sung on the job. No, we’re not playing “Hi-ho” by the Seven Dwarfs.

We also have a few requests to fulfill, our weekly polka piece and a tune from Tucsonan Eric Heithaus as we are really digging his music.

Requests for future shows welcome; please leave them below.

What: Rynski’s Shattered Reality Internet radio show
: Every Wednesday for one hour
Time: Noon in Arizona, 3 p.m. EST

CALL FOR SONGS – Days of the week:

Know any cool songs that mention a day of the week or have it in the title? Please leave song artist and title below for consideration in upcoming show.

P.S. Already played Easybeats’ “Friday on My Mind”

Missed the show? CLICK HERE to download

Playlist for Rynski’s Shattered Reality 08/11:

Cream – Born Under a Bad Sign

Devo – Working in Coal Mine

The Beatles – Lovely Rita, Meter Maid

Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson – Mama’s Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys

Thin Lizzy – Cowboy Song

James Last – Clarinet Polka (for waking up after mellow cowboy songs)

Savoy Brown – Hellbound Train (for Radmax)

The White Stripes – The Nurse

Devo – Secret Agent Man

Erika Eigen – I Want to Marry a Lighthouse Keeper

Rammstein – Das Modell

Tesla – Love Song (for Beezel)

Pink Floyd – Waiting for the Worms (for finale)

Note: Attempts to play Eric Heithaus’s Ancient Astronaut mix failed as technology would not cooperate. Sorry, Eric! Will play from new CD next week.

Would you pay to have your teddy bear go on vacation (without you)?

Are you a fan of disorderly conduct?


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Writer, artist, performer who specializes in the weird, wacky and sometimes creepy. Learn more at
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11 Responses to Man kicks poop at cops, teddy bear travel agency and more – UPDATE with playlist and download

  1. andrew farley says:

    “Grampa was a Carpenter”  By John Prine and for next week, “He forgot that it was Sunday”  also John Prine.

  2. azmouse says:

    Sunday Bloody Sunday, by U2

    Monday Monday by The Mamas and The Papas

    Ruby Tuesday by The Rolling Stones

    Friday I’m in Love by The Cure

    Days of the Week (OR) Church on Tuesday by Stone Temple Pilots……..

    There are soooo many! HA

    • azmouse says:

      Hope my choices aren’t too ‘sappy’!!

      Good show! Love Tesla…..

    • Rynski says:

      awesome on the days of the week requests – thanks, azmouse!
      will start hunting the songs down anon!
      choices NOT sappy at all – very cool – also, triple thank you for listening in!
      hope it makes for good haircutting background sound (hahahah).

  3. radmax says:

    No ‘Hi Ho’ Rynski? 🙂 Yet another fine show madcap multi-media maven.
    Thanx for regularly playin’ my request(s)! This show rocks! Oh, you brought back a memory from my salad days, at the time W&W’s ‘cowboys’ was popular, the height of the ‘Urban Cowboy’ phenomena, we used to change the words to be “mamas, don’t let your cowboys grow up to be babies”. Lotta good tunes from the halcyon days of country music, it pretty much sucks now. That Thin Lizzy tune is a good one too.
    A coupla ‘days’ tunes-
    Sunday’s girl by Blondie
    Tuesdays gone-Skynyrd
    PS-you’re makin’ a polka fan of me…eek! 🙂
    Did you notice the ‘day’ theme running throughout my comment? 😉

    • Rynski says:

      ‘hi ho’! radmax – and thanks!!! for wonderful input.
      although i avoided the seven dwarfs in song, i did play two devo tunes, which kind of remind me of them – esp. working in the coal mine!
      thanks for continuing to send your requests – i gotta say, you have OK taste in music – really dug the savoy brown.
      also thanks for DAY tunes, will add to lineup list.
      funny! on the cowboys/babies thing – and yes, thin lizzy is a dumb name but cool with music.
      YAAAAAY ANOTHER POLKA FAN! …my folks would be so proud to know i’m working on converting the masses….hahahahha
      p.s. yes, i noted your very clever DAY theme – and it only took me a year and a day to do so!
      p.p.s sunday girl is one of fave blondie tunes…right up there with rip her to shreds….

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