Illegals fleeing AZ in fear of new SB 1070 law

Adios, illegals – and don’t let the puerta hit you on the way out.

Exit file photo Ryn Gargulinski

Exit file photo Ryn Gargulinski

A number of Hispanic folks are running scared, hightailing it out Arizona even before the controversial SB 1070 law goes into effect July 29, according to a recent report in the Detroit Free Press.

We surmise those who are fleeing are here illegally, as American citizens and others who are here legally have nothing to worry about.

That means the measure is working already.

For the two or three people who have not yet heard about Arizona’s new law, SB 1070 requires local police to ask about a person’s immigration status, provided the person is stopped, detained or arrested for other reasons and the officer has “reasonable suspicion” that the individual may be here illegally.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed the measure into law April 23.

“Though no one has precise figures, reports from school officials, businesses and individuals indicate worried Hispanics are leaving Arizona in anticipation of the law,” the Free Press says.

Hispanic-area schools report an “unusual drop in enrollment,” the article notes, and businesses that cater to the Hispanic community say business is down “signaling that illegal immigrants are holding on to cash in anticipation of a move.”

As mentioned in a previous post, I’m on the fence about the law. It has its potential problems – all of which have been discussed ad nauseam for the past few months.

Detour file photo Ryn Gargulinski

Detour file photo Ryn Gargulinski

But if SB 1070 is already getting rid of illegals before it even goes into effect – saving local police the extra workload such a measure would surely incur – the thing has to have some merit.

OK, we don’t know for sure if the threat of SB 1070 is behind the mini-exodus. Perhaps there are other reasons and the timing is just a huge coincidence.

Another such coincidence went down in 2007, the Free Press reminds us, when the Department of Homeland Security says as many as 100,000 illegal entrants fled Arizona around the time a law increased penalties for businesses that hired illegals.

Some may argue that illegal entrants leaving Arizona is a bad thing.

But those folks probably live in New Mexico, Texas or California.


wb-logolil What do you think?

Even if you don’t agree with the new law, are you pleased with the mini-exodus?

Is there any reason illegal entrants leaving Arizona would be detrimental? Please explain.


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82 Responses to Illegals fleeing AZ in fear of new SB 1070 law

  1. Cindy says:

    Obviously the law is working. My complaint with illegals is they take up what little resources this state has for AZ citizens. Maybe classrooms won’t be as crowded now. Hospital emergency rooms and visits will be down. Less traffic accidents and 911 calls. Which means less strain on overly taxed systems that are funded with taxpayer dollars.
    Culture shock will set in. Unlike in AZ where speaking Spanish is seen as a  right and proud tradition speaking Spanish in most parts of this country will get you dirty looks and treated as a second class citizen. English is our national language maybe now they will bother to learn it.

    • Rynski says:

      hiya cindy,
      thanks for chiming in. i wholly agree that arizona resources, or those of any state, should go to citizens of the united states. what a concept! hahahha.
      also like your culture shock theory – very interesting, not to mention amusing.
      i do wish english were our official language already. but that little matter, too, keeps getting ignored. seems some issues go ignored until all havoc breaks loose.

    • Andres says:

      Wow how ignorant people tend to speak without researching all these issues automatically blaming Hispanics. English shouldnt even be a language as for the english language basically stole words primarily fromLatin and Greek and other languages as well then compiled into what is now the english language. So before you run your mouths do a little research. Everyone have a great day!!!!

      • close the all-you-can-eat buffet says:

        Spanish along with most mondern languages are derived from Latin and Greek as well.  It’s not like a criminal mastermind deliberately stole from them either.  It took hundreds of years of different cultures meshing together.

        I don’t really care what language people speak, what nationality they are, or even whether they are a U.S. citizen or not.  What I do care about is whether or not they pay taxes.  They shouldn’t be allowed to consume services paid for by taxation unless they contribute their fair share.

      • Andres says:

        Absolutely I agree with you 100% but not all people agree with you, they are being racist and blaming hispanic people as stated in the article for all issues going on in AZ.

      • Peter Frampton says:

        Is it just a coincidence that the word “Hispanic” contains the word “Panic?”

      • ashley says:

        What a great observation…
        Answer me this; Is it a coincidence that you are an idiot?

      • Dave says:

        You got it, English is a hodge podge of Celtic, Greek, Latin, Angle, Saxon, Norman, French, German, etc. EVEN ARABIC! Imagine that, Arabic, that probably really offends some on here. Spanish is also a mixture of other things. So, I guess all you anti-Hispanic fans want to get rid of Spanish here in the West? Well, we will have to rename about 6 states, hundreds of rivers, thousands of towns, hundreds of thousands of streets, etc. I hear a lot of talk about Mexicans wanting to “take back the West”, okay, we took it at gun point, so now you want to really make them mad enough to maybe take it back? Real smart. You know light skin is a recessive gene, and little by little is is fading out of the earth’s population? Scientific fact.  If natural selection is true, there is hope, in nature the stupid don’t make it. Keep it up crackers!

      • fatheroften says:

        Dave, you’re a racist, and an uninformed one at that.

      • fatheroften says:

        Andres, what does it matter if Emglish uses (stole!) words from other languages?  Language evolves and American English probably evolves more than most.  English is the language of business and success in America.  I’m sorry if you donl’t like that, but it is.  The cost of printing official documents in any language other than English is unnecessary and contributes to keeping immigrants unsuccessful.  If you want our immigrants to be successful and prosperous, you would be pushing for them to learn English as fast as possible.

    • ashley says:

      it’s very disapointing to see the ingnorance of people such as your self become such a wide spread thing

  2. andrew says:

    Up late last night with my dog Wolfe chasing them off the property at 1:00 PM. Sunday four Border Patrol vehicles and a helicopter behind the ranch made for some entertainment. We donned our sombreros and watched from the rooftop. “governments lumpish”itc

    • Rynski says:

      dear governments lumpish,
      you are right, but of course. a big chunk of late evening-early morning entertainment may be threatened with the mini-exodus.
      oh well. may i suggest renting movies like mega piranha instead? hahahha

  3. Hugh Holub says:

    I wonder when the state legislature will make it illegal to be a Democrat in the state in the hopes that all the Democrats will leave.

    • Ferraribubba says:

      Hey Hugh: Relax, little buddy. The proposed legislation only makes it illegal if you have brown eyes. Comprende usted, amigo?
      Yer pal, Ferrari Bubba

    • Andres says:

      I would say never because when a Republican drops the ball and screws us over for example the screwed up economy a Democrat picks it up and fixes it. But then are expected to fix it in a matter if snapping the fingers. 

      • azmouse says:

        I’d love to hear some examples of Dems who have fixed our economy in recent years, Andres

      • Ruth says:

        Bill Clinton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • azmouse says:

        Hello Ruth,
        Thanks for your opinion. I guess when I think of Clinton, I think of a criminal with no moral values who is a horrible husband and an even worse example to his only daughter.
        Jennifer Flowers
        Paula Jones
        Monica Lewinsky
        Yep, those are just a few of his legacies.

      • ado1 says:

        Bubba Clinton had less than zero to do with the technology induced economic bubble of the 1990’s(It actually began to deflate in March of his final year in office.).  Now take a serious look at some of Clinton’s economic fiascoes,  NAFTA and renewing C0mmunist China’s most favored nation trade status while he was in office.  Those two acts, done over the very vocal objections of American labor have done more to ruin this country economically than any president has in this  nation’s history, including  Hoover.  Now I may have to retract that statement when we see how bad things get following our Kenyan-in-Chief spending like a drunken sailor ever since he took the oath of office(Running up more debt in a matter of months than Dubya was able to do in eight years…  AND that’s not even looking at the economic impact of our POTUS doing nothing about the oil gurgling into the Gulf of Mexico, ruining the fishing and tourism industry for at lest five of our fifty states and maybe even more.  Tonight your do nothing DEM POTUS looked more like a deer frozen, staring into  headlights at night,  than any nation’s president.

      • Andres says:

        What does it matter that was his personal life. the matter it was publicised thats another issue, all that the wonderful George Bush did was screw us over with the economy going to hell and he left with no remorse.

    • Dave says:

      You have it Hugh.  Few on here will even get what you said there- but then they don’t get much.

  4. rClarice says:

    The most likely overloaded vehicles may clog the interstates and cause more accidents for our legal residents and legal visitors during the exodus.

    • Dave says:

      Accidents caused by illegals? You and senile McCain. Try snowbirds, that can’t drive, should not be driving, and come here with their out of touch ideas and vote here in our great State. Send them back to where they came from. That will improve our State!

      • Ferraribubba says:

        Hey Dave: I lived in the Old Pueblo for 20 years, and the only accident thst I ever had was when I was stopped for a red light on Park Ave. at 3 am after getting the Arizona Daily Star out, and was rear-ended by a drunk illegal in a stolen car that was doing 50 mph, as per the cop’s accident report.
        My neck felt like I had just been out on a romantic date with Long Dong Silver, on top of a slight concussion and a totalled 1977 Lancia Scorpion.
        The illegal? He had a compound fracture of his left ankle and a broken nose and a skull facture where my Cowtown pointy-toed boots must have found their mark.
        Why did I do that, you ask? because I knew what was coming next. As soon as Jose’ (that was his name) got out of the hospital, without paying his bill, I might add, he disappeared back into the mountains of Mexico, to again herd his chivo, drink his pulke, leave me with a $7,000 piece of lawn sculpture and a genuine dislike for our friendly illegal neighbors from the South. I guess that it was my way of  saying , Hasta la bye-bye!
        Yer pal, Ferrari Bubba

      • Dave says:

        That’s PULQUE, not “pulke”. Lived here in OP loner than you have Bubba, have been rear ended 3 times in my up to this point long life, my wife has been hit three times also, and not one was an illegal, or even a Mexican. Got to ask, really Bubba? My family is from Texas, and Bubba is not a good thing in the hills west of San Antonio and Austin. Might think about changing that.

      • Ferraribubba says:

        Hola Dave: Thanks for the spanish lesson, and if I ever move to Texas, I might think about changing my handle. Maybe to Stymie?
        Until then, still yer pal, Ferrari Bubba

  5. Ruth says:

    I am a U.S. citizen born here in the US of A, If i could afford to move, I would, there is to much racism in Arizona, but I will Keep trying to sell my house so I can move!!

    • andrew says:

      Need help packin’? Didn’t “read” the bill either, didja? So sorry you feel that a way, Ruth. But I feel also and I feel sad that you call the good folks in Arizona-Racists, when the same bill reflects the laws of the U.S.A. so, I ask you, Is the U.S.A. racist as well? Or just the “folks” of Arizona? Sorry Ryn. “which muzak” itc

      • leftfield says:

        “…so, I ask you, Is the U.S.A. racist as well?”

        This is a rhetorical question, right?  Of course the USA is a racist nation.  It was born and bred of racism and continues to be racist today.  On an individual basis, there is more racism here in Arizona than in some other states, but institutionally, the country is racist. 

        Ask yourself why the prison population of this country is so predominantly minority, or why minorities are overrepresented amongst the poor in this country. 

      • Dave says:

        Leftfield, you have got it. One of the few comment on this post from someone with a mind.

      • Mike says:


        Where can I send you a donation to help get you out of here?  I’ll let Andrew help you pack.

        Hispanic American
        SB1070 Supporter

      • azmouse says:


  6. arizona jim says:

    Good by and good luck.All of you whiners that want illegals here,please leave with them. It will be nice to go to an emergency room and not have to wait for the illegals to get their childrens shots while you are really hurt or sick. I am a democrat and I love our Governor and sheriff Joe. I will not vote for any political candidate that is against SB1070, therefore I will probably vote for all republicans except Jon Mccain as he changes his mind more often than I change sox

  7. Barb says:

    I think it is a good thing they are leaving.  Please just tell them they will be welcome in California and they can all go over there. 

  8. Rika says:

    It is a good thing that they are leaving Arizona but they are coming to our state and we already have plenty of them here.  Additionally, it is our (federal) government that has allowed them in and it is the same government that should deal with the problem. 
    Somehow I do not feel that discarding people, illegal or not, who used to work in our gardens and grow our greens is never a good thing for our country.  Besides, it echoes Nazi Germany’s actions much too loud.   

  9. SadnAZ says:

    Hey Ryn –

    didn’t like my post?  Guess you can’t handle when people are nasty back to ya!

    • Rynski says:

      hey sadnaz,
      your previous comment violated comment guidelines – so it had to be deleted as per policy. it constituted a personal attack.
      as a consequence, any of your future comments will be placed in the moderation queue before being approved to ensure they, too, do not violate guidelines.
      have a nice day.

  10. Shelly says:

    Are we supposed to be upset the illegals are leaving? Good-bye and good ridance!! 

  11. Question says:

    All of you are are against SB1070…

    Are you willing to open the doors of your house and let these fine upstanding illegals live with you?  No taxes paid by them, and you might be able to convince the government they are your dependants. for your tax break.

    Illegal is illegal.

    Huh, I thought not…  Go figure…

  12. leftfield says:

    What would you all do if the migrants from Mexico and Central America all left and then you discovered that your lives were still just as miserable and petty as before?  Who would you go after then? 

    Having just returned from Central America and having talked with people there, they are all aware of SB1070 and the most of them see it as anti-latino.  And these are people with no intention of coming here. 

    • Dave says:

      They would also discover that all their food prices would rise, that their taxes would have to go up more to make up for the shortfalls in revenue, that their property values would decline more with all the vacant rentals, that they would have to pay $35 an hour to get their yard work done and it would take three times as long to have that white kid do it, on and on. But they just do not get it. Baby Boomers, who is going to take care of you when you are old? Sure will not be generation X.

    • radmax says:

      “What would you all do if the migrants from Mexico and Central America all left and then you discovered that your lives were still just as miserable and petty as before?”…not sure, but let’s give it a try anyway.
      I guess I would plant a garden to supplement the obvious shortage of produce that would certainly follow. Next I would learn to make my own meals and bed…hey, this could be even more beneficial than I originally thought. 😉

    • fatheroften says:

      I don’t want the immigrants from Mexico and Central America to leave, I just want the people that are in this country ILLEGALLY to leave, regardless of their origin, color or heritage.  This is not a race issue, it is a rule of law and a national securitya nd economic security issue.

    • erniemccray says:

      Leftfield, this is so right on and I was thinking, while reading these continual seemingly never ceasing hateful and insensitive comments, just what you wrote: Who would these people go after if all the immigrants left? And what would the state look like with the millions upon millions dollars lost to the economy, not to mention the cost of lettuce and hotel rooms and eateries, both fine, and fast, when the cheap labor is gone along with the industries that offered (even in exploitive situations) people a chance to earn a few bucks to survive and CONTRIBUTE to our society in so many ways, culturally and otherwise.
      It’s so disheartening to see our development as a people so out of line with what’s needed to help our children do it better some day.

  13. fraser007 says:

    Pack light so you can pick up the trash you left on the border. I hear there are lots of backpacks left there, just lying in the dirt. Take the trash with you.
    Maybr if we waited a little longer we would not have to close more schools in TUSD. I didnt see any schools being closed on the west or southwest side yet. Give it some time and they will self deport and we can save some money.

    • Dave says:

      Again a case of not having an idea of how things work. How is having less kids at schools going to save these schools from closing? The money come based on a head count of students- less kidd, less money.

  14. snush says:

    but technicaly- here in AZ if you’re not brown & speak with an accent you’re a minority- so where, as a pale skin and light hair, is my minority status?!!?!! I want my special treatment too….

    • Dave says:

      Again, not factual- only 26% of Arizona’s population is Hispanic. So you are a minority in what respect as a white person in this State? You would be a minority if you are a white person born in this State. What is the special treatment you think legal or illegal Hispanics get in this State?

      • kingair315 says:

        Am Hispanic, but Ive thought about this. 26% of AZ Population is Hispanic, but, that does not count the illegals here.  Now, total the Hispanics, Native Americans, Asians, Blacks, ILLEGALS, etc and you have a Caucasian MINORITY….  Each of these groups is a minority, but total the brown skinned people and then Caucasians are a minority.  Use your brain to THINK with Dave….
        Now, the reason I want ILLEGALS gone, is because I do not approve of lawbreakers.  Many come here illegally, that is the first law they break.  Then, they get false documents, breaking another law.  They drive without a license or insurance and when an illegal DUI had an accident with me, that drove MY insurance up.  Not for a year, but for many years.
        Just one crime, Murder.  According to FBI reports 83% of all murders in Phoenix are committed by ILLEGALS.  That means if they are allowed to stay, Im four times more likely to be murdered by an Illegal, than by a citizen.  Personally, I don’t like those odds.  Add all the other violent crimes to those they commit, it means TAXES go up, to keep them in prisons.  Over 30% of those in AZ prisons for violent crimes, are here illegally.
        The list could go on, and on, and on.  There are hundreds of reasons 1070 benefits citizens.  Now, some claim that it will increase harassment or racism.  Thought the Police are citizens, and they are Innocent until Proven Guilty.  Plus what you evidently do NOT know, is that the Phoenix PD, has been enforcing Order No 1, already for two years… Turning over to ICE all illegals who they find committing crimes, this has saved the city over $600,000 per year since 2008.  Yet, no Phoenix Police Officer has been accused of racism or harassment under the law already in effect.  The NEW law, is just statewide, so Police Depts will be dealing with this law in the same manner Phoenix Police have been doing it.
        Instead of fantasizing about what might happen, do the research and find out the REAL FACTS about this law and how it will be enforced.
        M Fernandez

    • erniemccray says:

      And that special treatment would be? And who in our society right now is or ever has received special treatment other than a few corporations and the politicians they’ve bought? You certainly haven’t. I certainly haven’t. And, Lord have mercy, no “illegal” has ever come anywhere near the vicinity of something that could be classified as special treatment. And while people here are ranting and raving about myths that have somehow gotten ensconced in their minds – the fat cats get fatter and laugh harder all the way to the bank. Understand the game and quit stomping on the hopes and dreams of struggling brown people, Americans all. We all live in the Americas. We should be in it together or we all lose.

  15. susana says:

    I am Hispanic. I am also legal. I am glad if the illegals leave so our cities will be safer. We had the Chandler Rapist, an illegal who acted as if he was just an everyday worker, with a wife and children, and he was raping our children, This has to STOP, we have to know who is in our country, the feds. won’t do their job so Arizona has to do the job. I will be so happy and so will all of my family, (they are also Hispanic) when sb1070 is law.

  16. Dave says:

    Okay, let’s send them all back, then we can take another 5% hit to our economy. Most illegals DO PAY TAXES, as they work with fake ID’s, pay taxes, including sales tax and they never file any returns. The vast majority of the people I see commenting on these posts actually do not seem to have any clue about what they are talking about. Always seems to be the same made up talking points, just circulating amoung a closed system. Must be nice to live in a complete Fox News fantasy world. Simple solutions from simple minds. Maybe after the illegals are gone we should deport the stupid- gee we could lose half the State!

    • azmouse says:

      Hi Dave,
      Let’s say you’re right on the fact that most pay taxes. Who’s fake ID’s are they using? Yours or your kids, my kids??? That’s identity theft and not okay in my book.

      • Dave says:

        Try any part of South Tucson, just ask around, you can buy a real Social Security card for $300. REAL, take it to any bank and open an acount. Why? Because some government employees sell them out the back door! Identity theft is a big problem, but it is MOSTLY A WHITE thing. They want your credit cards, not your working ID. Criminals do not like to work, that’s why they are criminals. Not too many chicken plant workers, gardeners, etc. need your ID to get work. Again, this is urban myth, anti-Hispanic folklore, just like “you can tell them from their shoes”.  Have you worked on both sides of the border? Do you speak Spanish? Your ideas are based on what? What you hear from the “blame somebody crowd”? In the 1870 it was the “yellow peril”, in the 1950’s it was “communists”. This is smoke and mirrors. It does not solve anything, but it does divide and distract the country so we all don’t look too much at what the folks runing the show are doing.

      • azmouse says:

        Thank you for replying Dave, and being nice about it.

        Even if what you say is true, they are still breaking the law and shouldn’t be, wouldn’t that be correct?
        I’m not dismissing what you say about the ‘white’ crime or criminals, I’m just saying that if what you are saying is true, they are still criminals and need to be handled as such.

        Please understand, I am all for ‘legal’ immigration. I believe encouraging illegal immigration is a safety hazard for our country and is also NOT helping in the long run.

        My family has a history of sponsorship to help people become legal in this country and I support everyone to give their time, money, skills and home to support that, although I find most would rather leave a jug of water in the desert and call it a day.

      • Dave says:

        I also think the law is the law. Problem is our immigration laws are broken, biased, and injust. If you are European, come on in. Do business, make money, no taxes, go home. Big money, not gardner money. Mexican? No, we do not believe your papers are real, even when they are real! Other problem is have of all “illegals” working here have papers, as in Mexican passport, US visa, etc., they just come work, and only go home as needed to keep the entry permit up to date. More below-

      • Dave says:

        Don’t believe me. Do some research yourself. I do not mean research as in Fox News, I mean real research. I have to advantage of an insider’s view on how the system really works. You just know what you are told. Sponsorship? I wish I had $10 for every INS paper I have helped people fill out- I could retire to a very fine life in Paris, or Tahiti.

      • Dave says:

        That “have” below should be half. Brain works better than my fingers!
         Okay, I’m tired. Good luck to all, we need it, as I am sorry to say our great nation is falling apart at the seams.

      • kingair315 says:

        @Dave Again you live in a fantasy life or have not done the research. Of course those who are involved in Identity Theft want YOUR working ID. They want your Social Security Number, Drivers License number, Date of Birth, and they dont care about your Credit Cards.  With this info, they can open a CC account in many places.  From American Express to Sears and all CC companies.  They can go to a Bank, apply for a loan to purchase a MotorHome for hundreds of thousands of Dollars.  They cant do that if they have a bogus SSI number in their own name.

  17. Peter Frampton says:

    Laws such as the SB 1070 will prevent the US from becoming the SOUP KITCHEN of the world.

  18. Dave says:

    Got some news for you- we are and have been the soup kitchen to the world for a long time now! China and Russia are both dependant on us for their food supply, not to mention all the aid we send everywhere. And, no, laws like SB 1070 only make us look stupid, heartless, base, and unjust  in the eyes of the world. Keep it up and that US passport will be something you won’t want to use traveling outside our nation.

    • radmax says:

      Hey Dave, what on earth is wrong with enforcing laws that have been on the books for decades? All this bill is, with it’s myriad of built in safeguards, is an effort to kick some collective law enforcement heinies into action.

      • Dave says:

        Enforcing the existing laws is great. This garbage will not do that. It is an unfunded mandate, certainly discriminatory. It is grandstanding by the right, playing to their base in an election year. Fact, illegal immigration has drop over the last couple of years by about 50%. Fact crime in the border states has dropped by 30% in the last decade. Fact most law enforcement says they can not work with this law, it’s impossble. It is smoke and mirrors. You want to cure the problem- cut money to drug cartels, legalize pot. Right there you cut 60% of the money funding problems with the border. Make it easy for Hispanic workers to come here legally. We need their labor, but our immigration policy is a joke. Mexican? Oh, you need a work permit! Sorry, we make it impossible. European? Oh, come on in, do hundreds of thousands of dollars in business, open accounts, and pay no TAXES! No problem. Come on people, wake up. You seem to all have zero idea what you are argueing for here. I have to ask, what is your experience with border issues? Do you live on the border? Do you work for ICE? Have you worked for Customs? Really, give me something, some shred of credibilty, please.

      • azmouse says:

        Father-in-law was a border agent…now retired. You?

      • Dave says:

        Something similar, which I am not even supossed to say, with much more stress. I got to work on the worst of the worst. I finally quit before I forgot who I really was.
         Okay, and must quit this post too, am really tired. Cheers.

      • azmouse says:

        Hey, thank you Dave. I appreciate the interaction with you and a different opinion than my own.

        Sweet dreams!

      • kingair315 says:

        Arizona Law is less stringent than federal law, which requires every alien over the age of 18 to all times carry with him proof of residency.

        Federal Law requires no lawful precedent for stopping someone, and gives state police officers “inherent power” to arrest undocumented immigrants for violating federal law.
        That means they can stop anyone and question them already, without the AZ law.  Arizona Law actually makes it illegal for an Arizona Officer to do that.  Personally if I were an Illegal Alien, Id prefer the Arizona law.

    • kingair315 says:

      Got some news for you Dave, the very countries you say would think we are heartless or unjust have much TOUGHER immigration laws than we have.  Guess you dont know what Mexico does to those who come there ILLEGALLY.   Do not pass go, go straight to jail.
      “First, a look at Mexico’s own immigration law. Authorities track every foreign visitor and immigrant in the country to ensure they are there legally, have no criminal record, and have the means to sustain themselves economically. They are banned from interfering in Mexico’s internal politics and those in the country illegally are imprisoned or deported.
      According to Amnesty International, illegal immigrants coming from South and Central America through Mexico into the United States face one of the most dangerous treks in the world. An AI report states there is “continuing abuse of migrants who are preyed on by criminal gangs while public officials turn a blind eye or even play an active part in kidnappings, rapes and murders.”
      Imprisonment/deportation with no recourse available.
      Arizona’s law, though, specifically states there must be prior reason for inquiry of immigration status; suspicion alone is forbidden.

  19. Dave says:

    Okay, I am done trying to educate the great unwashed mass on here. Some of you have got it, some never have and never will. Final thoughts- do not blame some group of people for every problem that comes along.  99.99% of the poor people coming here to work are just like you or me, maybe they are poor, maybe uneducated, but then chances are very high that so were your ancestors when they came here from? In any case they are just people that want the same things as you and I do- a better life, a better life for their kids. So, you tell me, if you can look into the eyes of a mother or father and condem their childern to a life of poverty? If you can, then maybe it is you that is not the REAL  American. This is a huge nation, we have plenty of space. Maybe you should ask why are the right wing pushing this crap? They certainly have a lot of you distracted by it, so you do not pay attention to what they are doing.  Get your heads on straight, think people.

    • azmouse says:

      Again, I think those that really care to help will be willing to invest their time, money, home and privacy to sponsor a person or family. It is a long term commitment. I’ve opened my home AND my wallet to do this, as have my parents and my brother AND we are a conservative, republican family.

      Better than folks dying in the desert or ‘coyotes’ raping women and children and kidnapping people for ransom.

    • kingair315 says:

      NO ONE is blaming “some group of people” for anything.  Im just holding CRIMINALS responsible for their actions. What makes them a criminal, the same thing that would make you one if YOU violated any law in this country….
      Entering the US Illegally is a CRIME you just dont get it.
      My Grandparents came here legally, committed no crime, became naturalized citizens, worked hard to send their children to school….  They should not have to pay taxes to support CRIMINALS who are here illegally….
      If I drove Drunk, Id expect to suffer the consequences.  Criminals from Mexico come here, commit crimes, even murder and leave the country.  Murderers get “Sanctuary” in Mexico, no matter how bad the crime was, even multiple murders, Mexico will not return them without a promise the Death Penalty will not be enforced.

  20. tim1234tim1234 says:

    It’s time that the rightful occupants Take Back America

  21. margy says:

    I am always amazed at the racism in these comments

  22. Hoosier Woman says:

    Dave said,
    “Other problem is have of all “illegals” working here have papers, as in Mexican passport, US visa, etc., they just come work, and only go home as needed to keep the entry permit up to date. ”

    If someone has “papers, Mexican passport, US visa, etc.” then they are not illegal. They are in the US LEGALLY!

    I have also volunteered to help immigrants come here legally. I dont get paid for it. Usually they just make some food and offer it as a thank you. They come over and sit on the porch with us and try to learn English. We have a good time. I live in a trailer park near a meat packing plant  in Indiana. We have a large amount of Asian immigrants in our trailer park and few Hispanics. What I have found is that the Asians DO keep up with their visas and dont let them laps. They do not get public assistance but they work at the meat packing plant slaughtering hogs.I have helped with notarizing paperwork, taking pictures of the family to prove “relationship”, taken them to Indianapolis to do paperwork, then they pay hundreds of dollars, and get their fingerprints done, and I have helped them make copies of everything and taken them to the post office to help them mail in information to the immigration office in California. They dont steal indentities, or overstay their visas. I can only talk for the Asian immigrants, as the Hispanic ones dont come to me for help, they hide out in their trailers.I would love to help the Hispanic ones too, but I wonder if they are not legal since I try to be polite, but they just go into their trailers. I left Tucson Arizona in 2002 with my 3 sons b/c of the huge amount of illegal immigrants. However I would love to move back once Tucson gets it’s illegal immigration problem cleaned up. I have one son who was born in Tucson and is Hispanic. He is planning on moving back to Tucson in December. We are all thinking about moving back within the next year, working, paying taxes, adding to the economy of  Tucson.If I thought that this new law would negatively affect him then I wouldnt allow him to go back there. However I am sure that if he carries his Driver’s license with him at all times, and speaks good English (he doesnt know Spanish) to any police officer, then he wont have any problems.

  23. Frank from cali says:

                As the son of a legal immigrant/U.S. Citizen, I believe we have room for honest people who follow the rules. Most Americans would agree. My Pops had to get in line and wait for eight years before his number came up and was admitted entry to the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”, And when he showed up he didn’t have his hand out. He showed up with money in his pocket and a poor grasp of the English language. He eventually learned the languge, asimilated as
    much as possible, raised a family and lived the dream. He did what he had to do; he followed the rules.
             Now, the United States is ruled by law. People who cross our borders illegaly, over stay Visas or Marry fraudulently are law breakers and are subject to perscribed penalties. Simply because you’ve lived here a while, or even a lifetime, and had children ect.
    does’t entitle you to anything. It makes you a law breaker, not a murderer, but a scofflaw nonetheless. You need to leave and try again, but this time by the rules.
              “Comprehensive Immigaration Reform” is just code for ammnesty. The last thing we need to do is give the Golden Ring of Citizenship to
    anyone breaks the law, or Braking the law is not a sterling endorsment for Citizenship. While Mexicans make up the vast majority of illegal aliens living in this country, Illegals come from all over the world , in evey sex, race color and creed. Thank God for the Atlantic and the Pacific.
             The Streamlining  and enforcement of our immigration laws, a quick deportation process and most importantly, Control of our Borders are the keys to managing a problem that is dragging down our country. The Fourteenth Amendment needs to be looked at and adjusted as needed. We need elected officials with the will (Read ‘Balls’) to stand up do whats right, not what is politically expediant. 
             The United States excepts one of every five immigrants world wide. By far, Americans are the most welcoming people on the face of the earth. Some where tonight there is a person out there waiting patiently; who has done all the right things, filled out all the right forms and has  his or her mind set on becoming an “American”. We will open our arms them, because they are us.

  24. Truth will set you free says:

    If you cannot work a full day in the arizona sun, you do not belong here…who belongs here?

  25. Juanito says:

    Illegal Immigrants fill an empty gap that seeks for hard labor, low pay that in exchange allows good prices for: clothing, food, etc etc…
    They pay taxes just like  you and I, There are what 12 million, people working & they cant get unemployment checks, having worked for years… Why?? because we can contribute to the system, but we cant get anything back… If we dont work, we dont eat. simple as that.
    Most Immigrants are in the working age… aged immigrants go back to their pueblo to retire and live their last years @ home & the family.
    Young kids want to migrate to be part of that backbone of  USA.
    Well, there s a lot to be covered but either you hate illegal immigrants or you don’t.  Just like religion you are taught what to believe…
    Adios chicos y chicas! 🙂
    El Ilegal: para servirte a ti y a Dios.

  26. dave hater says:

    dave you sound like an illegal!

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