Shot deputy recovering – and do not assume he was shot by illegal immigrants – UPDATE with letter from Pinal Sheriff

UPDATE – Letter from Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, sent out as his monthly message, at bottom of post. He mentions 100 “illegalls” apprehended within 24 hours of law enforcement search of the shooting area as well as new tactics that include deputies working in pairs and carrying their handguns as well as at least one M16/AR-15 or similar long gun/rifle.

UPDATE – Photos sent by Pinal County Sheriff’s Office at bottom of post. All surveillance photos are from federal agencies’ “strategically placed” cameras focused on area where deputy was shot. “Within feet,” of the shooting location, according to Pinal County Sheriff’s Department. Photo dates range from January through April. Apologies for earlier confusion.


Original post:

Just when we thought it was safe to go play outside in a state nestled next to a largely unsecured border, a deputy who was out in a remote desert area has to go and get shot.

Pina County sheriff Deputy Louie Puroll was shot April 30/submitted photo

Pina County sheriff Deputy Louie Puroll was shot April 30/submitted photo

What bad timing.

This only adds fuel to that raging new immigration law fire, feeding the myth that something must be done to secure the border.

The Pinal County sheriff’s deputy who was shot, 15-year veteran Dep. Louie Puroll, is home from the hospital and “doing very well” according to sheriff’s public information officer Lt. Tamatha Villar.

Puroll, 53, was wounded on his left side while out in the desert near Antelope Peak after he encountered “five male subjects” in the area April 30.

Please do not jump to conclusions. We must keep an open mind. Those subjects could be anyone.

A manhunt ensued. “Searchers have apprehended 17 illegal immigrants inside the search perimeter,” Villar wrote in an e-mail. “Three of the 17 match the description given by Dep. Puroll to investigators on scene. Those three are being interviewed by investigators at this time.”

Calling these suspects “illegal immigrants” may be out of line. While they may be here illegally, they may not technically be immigrants. Immigrants come to settle permanently in a new land. Maybe the 17 were just visiting, collecting postcards of Antelope Peak and other area Arizona attractions.

Besides, illegal immigrants come here to better themselves, not shoot people. There must be some mistake. And we still don’t know if these people were the shooters – even if three just so happened to look like the dudes Puroll saw. We must give these poor folks the benefit of the doubt.

“Although there is no confirmation at this time that the criminals involved in (Friday) evening’s violence are drug smugglers,” Gov. Jan Brewer said in her April 30 statement about the shooting, “this incident occurred in a known drug trafficking corridor, and law enforcement believes that the five suspects being sought were walking through the middle of the desert with backpacks and at least one automatic weapon.”

Posh. This is all speculation.

Say the shooters were, in fact, drug smugglers. They still could have come here legally. Perhaps they had passports and went through the proper checkpoints, obtaining special clearance for their backpacks and automatic weapons.

Actually, there are so many gaps in the border that it would probably waste too much time traveling out of their way to go through a checkpoint. We don’t want things to be inconvenient. This is why we should just leave the border as it is.

Making it more secure may violate the rights of those who want to sneak over and make a better life. So what if a few miscreants get through? American citizens – and even sheriff deputies – getting shot or killed is just a chance we’ll have to take.

It’s much more important to cater to others who feel entitled to enter. America owes it to them.

Please note: This piece was written with the utmost sarcasm and I am an advocate for a more secure border and still undecided on the new immigration law. While the controversial SB 1070 law may not be the answer, we do need action other than misplaced empathy and arguments over the definition of “illegal immigrant.”


Please note: Poll responses delete themselves when post is updated.

UPDATE – Surveillance photos courtesy of Pinal County Sheriff’s Office

Suspects caught on camera/PCSO photo

Surveillance photos from shooting area/PCSO photo

Suspects caught on camera/PCSO photo

Surveillance photos from shooting area/PCSO photo

Gunshot wound/PCSO photo

Puroll's gunshot wound/PCSO photo


Puroll's gunshot wound/PCSO photo

UPDATE 05/19/10 – Letter from Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu sent out as his monthly message

May 9, 2010

Law Enforcement Leaders,

I wish to express my deep appreciation for your swift and immediate response in answer to our call for help during our officer involved shooting in western Pinal County. At approximately 4 PM on April 30th, Deputy Louie Puroll was tracking six drug smugglers (later known to be armed) in the remote desert area south of I-8 and west of Casa Grande, when he was ambushed and shot. Over 200 officers from local, state, tribal nations and our federal partners responded. Your help and support was tremendous and underscored the strength of our professional bond.

Though the investigation continues, we have several investigative leads and have identified three other Mexican Nationals, who are victims (robbed of cash and personal belongings) of the same suspects that shot Deputy Puroll. The Border Patrol apprehended two of four (two escaped) illegals along this smuggling corridor and recovered four fully loaded AK-47s in the three points area, located along the Pima/Pinal border. Two illegal immigrants with felony drug trafficking (cocaine) warrants out of the mid-west were also apprehended within our security perimeter. There were over 100 illegals apprehended within our security perimeter in the remote desert area south of I-8 and west of Casa Grande, just within 24 hrs we were there.

We conducted an internal AAR and also debriefed most participating agencies this past week. We have identified the strengths and weaknesses of our large scale tactical response, rescue and search for suspects. We have many areas that need improvement, largely in the command and control of such a critical incident. All leaders are in agreement that we must rehearse by means of table top and scenario based exercises, to ensure our coordinated response is most effective/successful.

I attached some recent Intel photos (taken in the past couple months) which clearly show numerous armed smugglers in Vekol Valley smuggling corridor along I-8. Yes, this is the very location of the shooting just 9 days ago.

Pinal County is not a border county with Mexico, yet we have para-military squad sized elements who are operating deep within Arizona. This is unacceptable and must be stopped. Though PCSO Deputy Puroll is safe and is back to work – must we have a Deputy killed by these smugglers before the federal government hears our plea for help?

We are discussing a multi-agency response to re-secure this part of the Sonoran Desert National Monument, that is within Pinal County. In the interim, I have directed a change in PCSO tactics, where all assignments for Operation Stonegarden shall be staffed in teams of two Deputies. They shall be armed with their assigned handgun and at least one M16/AR-15 or similar long gun/rifle.

Many of you joined me, when Sen. John McCain unveiled the McCain/Kyl 10 Point Border Security Plan, that calls for the immediate deployment of 3,000 National Guard Soldiers to the Arizona/Mexican border.

In my opinion, the only long term solution to slow and eventually stop the unending flow of illegals crossing into Arizona is this 10 Point Plan. It is comprehensive and it will work. If you have not seen this youtube video with many of us and Senator John McCain, then you should watch it. The national focus on border crimes couldn’t have come at a better time, given the heightened level of violence by drug and human smugglers.

Thanks again for your partnership and your immediate response, when we called for help.


Paul Babeu, Sheriff
Pinal County, Arizona
President, Arizona Sheriff’s Association

Photos Babeu mentions in letter:

Photos submitted by Pinal County Sheriff's Office

Photos courtesy Pinal County Sheriff's Office

Photos courtesy Pinal County Sheriff's Office

Photos courtesy Pinal County Sheriff's Office


What do you think?

Are we jumping to conclusions thinking Puroll was shot by people here illegally?

Is there a difference between “drug smugglers” and “illegal immigrants”?

Are you sick of the controversy and just wish someone would build a great wall already?

Are you proud Arizona has the least secure border of all the border states? Please explain.


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119 Responses to Shot deputy recovering – and do not assume he was shot by illegal immigrants – UPDATE with letter from Pinal Sheriff

  1. Jim Kelley says:

    That is why I call them entrants, until they declare their intentions, we just don’t know what they are except that they have entered the United States illegally. Maybe I should try sarcasm in my column instead of the blunt instruments I’ve been using. Think that might help people like me more? Naaaaaaaah.

    • Rynski says:

      hahhahaha! thanks for comments, jim. you are already well loved, from what i can tell!
      sarcasm has always been one of my favorite tools – just be forewarned to label it as such – i’ve written things using sarcasm that people took seriously. that’s when you REALLY feel the love.

    • leftfield says:

      Tucson City Council racist or seditious?

      Jim Keeley; demented or early dementia victim?

      I love the way you write your “poll” questions, Heinrich. 

  2. andrew says:

    Why was this Deputy harrasing these Americans who are excercising their 2ND amendment rights and getting in the line of fire and taking from their backpack of organic medications? Lefty, My chickens are having chicks everywhere. cauldren who

    • Rynski says:

      dear cauldren who,
      you ask some very pertinent questions, those which are difficult to answer. perhaps we should hold off any further action of any sort – border or state related – until we form a committee that takes 27 years to discuss the issue with no resolution.
      hey! maybe your chickens are having extra chicks because they know you want to start renting out the chicken trailers?

      • andrew says:

        Tractors, Chicken Tractors Ryn. Not chicken trailers, then my home value would go down, Get one for your yard and I’ll rent the chicken out to you. had miscue

      • Rynski says:

        my apologies!!! TRACTORS TRACTORS!!
        i would love to rent one with the option to buy, just because i think it would be a fun addition. but then all my new hard-earned seedlings would be gone with the wind….

      • Tucson Rat says:

        27 years??? Frankly, this was a topic of my high school social studies oral finals in 1978.

        My suggestion was to do more — pressure, assistance, etc. — to help Mexico keep its people at home — and my classmates ignored me.

        Funny thing is, my opinion hasn’t changed in all these years. Until we address the root of the problem, it’s not going to change.

      • Rynski says:

        thanks, tucson rat, for input – and note on lengthier time span with no resolution in sight…
        i also agree that they key is addressing the root of the problem, rather than throwing random measures at the situation (i.e. SB1070) that leave the root untouched.
        seems SB 1070 just shifts responsibility to local authorities rather than where it should be standing strong with the feds.

      • JoeS says:

        We should provide illegals from ALL countries with a pocket US Constitution when we send them home.  Then they can work to change the injustice they are said to be fleeing from. 

    • leftfield says:

      Lefty, My chickens are having chicks everywhere.

      A sure sign of spring, Andrew.  I’m always surprised at the number of people who ask me how it is we get eggs without a rooster.  It’s sad how far removed we are from our food; something so essential and basic. 

      • andrew says:

        Yes it is, I get the same kind of questions from FAR*LOG buyers. “How do I light it?” Matches, lighter, two sticks rubbed together, flint and steel or a magnifying glass,  It’s a piece of wood for crying out loud. It would be funny if I had Ferribubba as a spokeperson for FAR*LOG. Sorry Ryn. I got carried away.leer lack i.t.c.

      • Rynski says:


  3. Barker says:

    The timing of your sarcastic column is amusing in that I just read in the AZ Star this morning that the chief suspect in the killing of the rancher, Robert Krentz, on the border is now suspected to be an American. Was that intentional on your part?
    Personally, I find it sad that AZ is now the scorn of much of the nation, while we pass racist laws against 30% of our population based on incidents like Krentz’ murder and the hysteria of anti-Mexican anger fueled by politically motivated individuals.
    It will turn out to hurt AZ much more than it will help, given our tourism based economy.

    • andrew says:

      Nobody said what color the killer was, just that it was drug related and immigrants pass through there. Seems you are the one speaking of racism any chance you can get. Sorry you’re feeling sad. Being opinions is the captcha

    • Rynski says:

      hiya barker –
      no, not intentional on my part at all – just coincidence…very STRANGE coincidence…
      what made me write about it was the timing of the shooting and how other publications around the nation are jumping on it so they can say:
      “…in the wave of the controversial new law” and “…as a movement to boycott arizona heats up….”
      i agree that az being scorned IS sad. so much about it is terrific…but all that is good is easily overshadowed by the hoopla.

    • TopSarge says:

      Let me guess…who suck up anything published by the radical left-wing media whores out of Tucson, Phoenix, and NY right?

  4. Barker says:

    it’s more of a “sad” for the state in general andrew. Although what little income I do make is wholly tourist related, and I make less when our state is viewed negatively by much of the U.S. tourist population.

    • andrew says:

      It seems as long as you make a buck then the problem can go on. That’s how I read it anyway. “runts observers” is the captcha

  5. Dan Becraft says:

    I think maybe you have missed the major point in all this. We live within thirty miles of the border and are tired of the stream of illegals that pass through here. Don’t want a repeat of the shooting of the rancher like last month. Your comments are very imnature and unappreciated. Grown up

  6. Ferraribubba says:

    Hey Rynski: The word out on the streets of South Tucson and down at Democrat Headquarters is that the shooters were the same bunch of crazy, armed, right-wing Tea Baggers, clinging to their religion and guns that killed the rancher near the border a few weeks ago.
    Why doesn’t everybody just go home and let Janet and her Homeland Security people do their job like they did with the ‘Christmas Shoe Bomber?
    The system worked that time. Just ask her.
    Yer pal, Ferrari Bubba

    • Rynski says:

      hiya ferraribubba –
      thanks for input – you always clear up so many questions (hahah).

    • leftfield says:

       the shooters were the same bunch of crazy, armed, right-wing Tea Baggers, clinging to their religion and guns that killed the rancher near the border a few weeks ago.

      It could be true, FB.  From what I hear, the po-po found empty Geritol bottles and badly misspelled posters at the site of the shooting. 

      • leftfield says:

        …‘Christmas Shoe Bomber?

        I believe the man in question had explosives in his underwear, not his shoes. 

        If you’re confused about the difference between your shoes and your Depends , perhaps you should start letting Mrs. Bubba dress you, especially if you have been getting some funny looks when you go out. 

      • Rynski says:

        hahah – lefty, i’m just reading your slate of comments you’ve added – you are DEFINITELY on a roll! hahahah

  7. Tucson Rat says:

    I find it interestin that your straw poll mimicks the results we hear about statewide support of the law.

    • leftfield says:

      At the time of the desegregation of Central High School in Little Rock, AZ a poll indicated that 70% of the population in Little Rock opposed desegregation.  The constitutionality and fairness of laws is not based on popular support.

  8. Ron H. says:

    I have lived here all 50 years, excluding my travels with the Navy, and I have watched as our State has slowly slid towards the lower end of the compassion, humanity, and Respect.  Seems everything is a big joke. especially our Legislature.  Like our Congress, it’s better for them to be out on recess than enacting some new law which deminishes our Rights, Freedoms, and choices.  When they meet, it always effects my wallet.  When will we concentrate on helping one another? 
    The illegals have always been here, so long as they were in camps or fields, no one complained.  When they started saving and moving into the cities, problems started.  Just remember, it was OUR want for cheap labor and hard workers which birthed this situation.  We are as much to blame because of our silence and acceptance of the situation. 

    • Rynski says:

      thanks for input – and brief glimpse down memory lane – ron h –
      very interesting points. i also hear tales of lament from native tucsonans, not nec. about immigration, but lament of the state of things in general.

  9. John Kennedy says:

    I think the focus of this blog was about the dangers of assuptions. I agree, don’t ASSume the shooters were this or that. Just as well, don’t ASSume those cretins that burned down the Friends Church on LaCanada are Muslim extremists.

  10. azmouse says:

    SB 1070 may not be the right law for our problems here in AZ, but it is doing what needs to be done, which is spark conversations and other ideas about our border problems. That in and of itself could be a good thing.

    • Rynski says:

      i love your comments, azmouse! thanks for fresh POV, as always.
      hopefully the conversations will go beyond mere discussions and get some action.

      • azmouse says:

        Thanks Ryn! My main objective is to try to see the positive in life in general. Good or bad, SB 1070 could be a good thing, even if it gets dumped. Now the rest of the country knows how serious this problem is for many of us in AZ and the border states in general.

      • leftfield says:

        And don’t forget, azmouse, the controversy over SB 1070 has brought the Rev. Al Sharpton to our fair state.  Always good to sell a few papers.

      • azmouse says:

        Hey leftfield…
        Danny Glover too! I hear Shakira was in Phoenix as well.

      • andrew says:

        Does Al, Danny and Shakira live here? Do they see first hand folks knockin’ at their door wanting a ride to Chandler? And are they the ones feeding and handing out donated socks for our border-crossing friends at 6 AM? Are they the same ones who are concerned that the parents of these children in diapers are crossing a desert with a water bottle in 106 degree heat, endangering the welfare of these kids? I thought so. Also coexists i.t.c.

      • JoeSJake says:

        Agreed Azmouse,  I am glad to see Az again being the pioneer when it comes to doing the right thing.

        And we all know pioneers take the arrows….

      • azmouse says:

        Good point, Joe.

  11. Thomas D. says:

    So what the heck is the difference! Illegals who carry drugs for the cartels and are armed. Or illegals who are coming across the border and take our resources and health care etc.
    Only in a “liberal mind” would you make a difference. Remember this, when things got tough during the depression and world wars the REAL legal immigrants stayed here and did not run home to the “mother country”. I am very happy when I hear how the the apartments are more empty and there are less illegal kids in TUSD. These illegals look at this country as a big free job and benefit market occupied by a bunch of horrible white people.

    The thought process of thinking that it is OK for 12–20 million illegals to come across a border and NOW want to demand rights and benefits!! Amazing. I know of no other country in the world who wopuld allow that.

  12. Barker says:

    I think you miss the main difference Thomas. Immigrants to the U.S. are necessary and vital to our economic growth. Who do we expect to fund programs like social security and medicare when all the baby boomers retire? Immigrants. Ditto for all the wars we choose to fight.
    Now illegals with guns carrying drugs – completely different issue. They’re undesirable, but of course, it’s driven by U.S. citizen demand for illegal drugs. We all know how to eliminate that prohibition.
    The U.S. is not letting enough immigrants come to the country. We need them desperately to grow our economy. They would work, pay taxes and purchase goods, etc.

    • Jim Kelley says:

       Immigrants to the U.S. are necessary and vital to our economic growth. Who do we expect to fund programs like social security and medicare when all the baby boomers retire? Immigrants. Ditto for all the wars we choose to fight.

      Here is the problem, the present immigrants are coming without education, they are pulling down educational achievment scores in Arizona, more money is being poured in to deal with the ESL programs and they stay in ESL their entire educational career, including community college. The costs are skyrocketing to the point that over half of all state and federal spending in Arizona is for education ( per the Secretary of State.)
      The costs of healthcare, unfunded by the federal government are skyrocketing, they are using much more than they are putting into the system. They draw SSI for injuries or disablilties that are incurred here in the states, money they do earn  legally or illegally  goes back to Mexico acounitng for 20% of Mexico’s GDP. A large portion of the illegals money is under the table and NOT taxed in any way. Do they buy things and pay sales tax?  Yes but again the services drawn from are more than paid into, particularly when we start talking about corrections.
      We have immigration and benefit actuarial accounting based on the legal immigration. Illegal immigration is breaking the treasuries of CA, AZ, NM, TX, FL and it is moving north.
      To enlist in the United States Armed Forces, you must be a legal immigrant, those papers do get checked at MEPS. ( however, on occasion over zealous recruiters have been known to “gundeck” paperwork ) and account for less thatn 10% of recruits.
      We do not “desperately need” immigrants to grow the economy. I have said this before and I will say it again, illegal immigration dehumanizes and devalues labor, all labor, and that is echoed by Cesar Chavez himself. The South said the economy would be ruined with the abolition of slavery.
      So how many more holes you want blown in your theory?

  13. Thomas D. says:

    I will correct myself. The article said he may be an American. Yea, sure. Krentz said on the radio that he came across an illegal. Ok the guy was an hispanic who was a “citizen” and had a gun. Who shot Krentz. I love the “liberal mind”. How do you get by during the day.
    Maybe the killer was a lost Canadian illegal immigrant. Get a grip.

  14. Del says:

    I concur with the calling them “Illegal Entrants” … we really don’t know what their purpose is for coming into the United States is/was!  But, like Sheriff Joe … I do believe that coming into the United States “Illegally” will not be their only crime.  If they work, they need papers … if they drive … they need not only a vehicle, but a Driver’s License, if their kids go to school … they need papers on the kids …. etc, etc, etc ….

    • Rynski says:

      me too, del.
      entrants is a fine catch-all phrase – good call jim (in comment way above). although i also like ado1’s simple choices (comment below) as well.

  15. ado1 says:

    Just plain old “illegals” works fine for me… or perhaps “illegalista” ?

  16. Thomas D. says:

    We need them to fund social security?? Yea sure. I will be blunt. I dont want them or their problems or their culture. This place is starting to look like Nogales North. God give us 20 million Irish, Germans or Swedes. Seems to have worked in the past 200 years……. Their move north will destroy us. And we let it happen.

    • Rynski says:

      ‘nogales north’

    • leftfield says:

       I will be blunt. I dont want them or their problems or their culture.

      Allow me to be equally blunt, Thomas.  If you don’t want “them”, perhaps you should be looking for another place to live.  One that is, say, more “monochromatic”.

      • Rynski says:


      • leftfield says:

        Should I have used apostrophes rather than quotation marks?

        I appreciate any help with punctuation I can get.  Actually, one of the reasons I started doing this is because I had very little reason to write in my work and I realized my skills were lacking. 

      • Rynski says:

        no, no, i wasn’t correcting you!
        and you’re use of quotes is fine….
        i like to repeat words or phrases that i catch my fancy – so i was just repeating ‘monochromatic.’ i used single quotes in mine because my comments are always in all lower-case and colloquial – double quotes would seem too stuffy.
        no, you’re doin’ dandily!
        p.s. the habit of repeating words and phrases i like drives some folks batty – so just ignore it if you hate it. thanks!

      • leftfield says:

         i used single quotes in mine because my comments are always in all lower-case and colloquial –

        This is a good example of something I did not know.  Now I do-my thanks to you.

      • Rynski says:

        my pleasure!
        it’s nice when my 228 years of studying grammar/word origin/eng lit/and sonnet scansion comes in handy – hahaha.

  17. radmax says:

    Why Rynski you sarcastic Sally you! 😉
    Nice piece. While I do not care what you call illegals, the word illegal seems to get lost in all the hyperbole.
    Best wishes to the deputy and his family.

    • Rynski says:

      hiya radmax!
      sarcastic sally! love it! hahahha.
      thanks for compliment – and input. very good point on the ‘illegal’ part being lost in the fray. hyperbole is an awesome word.
      i’m glad deputy is recovering well – how kind to send best wishes.

  18. William Tarbush says:

    Losing the term “illegal immigrant” is a little to political correct for me.

  19. leftfield says:

    I’m going to avoid (for now) the bedrock issue that is really bothering the majority of citizens who support SB 1070 and focus on something else.  You can, if you wish, lump everyone who crosses the border without documentation as “illegals”.  It certainly makes it easier for those who wish to demonize, but it gets us no closer to any solution to the problem. 

    Nobody knows at this time who shot Mr. Krentz and what their motive(s) might have been.  There is objective evidence to believe that the episode mentioned above was related to drug trafficking.  You can throw up a wall 100 feet high, pass all the laws you want, infringe on human rights in the interest of the “greater good” and do anything else that comes to mind.  None of it will stop drugs from coming into this country.  As long as there are great sums of money to be made, they will come.  Sadly, drugs are likely here to stay forever at some level.  America’s drug problem is only partly a legal problem and an enforcement problem.  It is mostly a medical and sociological problem and scant little effort has been directed towards these aspects of the problem.  I know it is more attractive to the conservative mindset to see things without nuance and to rely solely on greater levels of punishment in an attempt to stop undesirable behaviors, but how long are you willing to continue to pursue this in the face of overwhelming evidence that things are getting worse and not better?

    If your goal is to minimize drug trafficking and the associated violence,  it’s time to try another approach.  If your goal is to use America’s drug problem to marginalize and dehumanize a whole group of people based on skin color and ethnicity, then “keep on keepin’ on”; you’re doing a fine job.  

  20. Seth says:

    Is there a difference between 1st degree murder and shoplifting? I don’t know you decide.

  21. John says:

    I remember when it was “illegal alien” but that was no longer PC so it was changed to “illegal immigrant”, now it appears that is also questionable. Whatever name we attach to them seems to get more attention than the ILLEGAL part of it. ILLEGAL seems to be lost along the way. I am with ado 1 – maybe we should just say “ILLEGALS” (except that may be interpreted that they are breaking the law and could be detained or -gasp- even questioned)
    I have to have or show some form of ID almost everyday here as a citizen, especially if I am pulled over by a law officer – it never dawned on me that perhaps I was being profiled. I will have to rethink allot of things now…  I will have to get in touch with my feelings, they may be hurt and that could mean therapy – could that be tax exempt? wow! so much to think about!

  22. leftfield says:

    Hey leftfield…
    Danny Glover too! I hear Shakira was in Phoenix as well.

    Hi azmouse,

    Yes; as in Chicago in 1968, the whole world is watching.

  23. JoeSJake says:

    Good pics,  but the date on the pics does not match the incident date.   

  24. Pesqueira says:

    Is 3/18 a date?

    • Rynski says:

      i just sent e-mail to sheriff’s dept. asking what the “3/18” means – will let you know!

      • Rynski says:

        3/18 at top of photos refers to 3 out of 18, as in three out of 18 subjects.

      • Pesqueira says:


        Did you read JoeSJake reply below?  Don’t mislead your readers.

      • Pesqueira says:

        Rynski, Don’t look at me that way!  I might get the wrong idea and think you like me!

      • Rynski says:

        yeah, i noted JoeSJake’s reply about date in lower corner – which i did not notice until he pointed it out.
        when i previously asked sheriff’s office about 3/18 in top line, the response was “3 out of 18”
        not trying to mislead, just passing on response i received.

      • JoeSJake says:

        While the pics may not be of the day of the shooting incident it does not mean that these are not the same group of  individuals.  These groups essentially own the “franchise” on that particular corridor.  This was not thir first trip down that trail.

        The behavior exhibited in the pics along with the type of weapons shown conincides with the description given by the deputy.   Thus,  they are considered suspects until proven otherwise.

        Has anyone here head the audio from this incident?  it’s harrowing..

      • Rynski says:

        thanks for add’l input, JoeSJake…and what a creepy audio bit.
        when he says to send a message to his wife, i got chills. so glad deputy puroll is recovering well.

      • azmouse says:

        Considering what that man went through, he sure kept his wits about him. Must have been extremely frightening.

      • JoeS says:

        Rynski & Azmouse,

        Yes,  he is very lucky,  seems to me that his training took over and he was able to keep his wits about him and stay alive.

  25. Pesqueira says:

    Suspects description

    Authorities searched the area Saturday looking for two other men who were reportedly armed with two AK-47s and possibly a handgun, she said.
    One of the men was wearing a green or brown army-fatigue-type long-sleeve shirt with tan pants, a baseball hat, a black handkerchief covering his face and black hiking boots or shoes.
    The other man was wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt drawn around his face, green pants and black and white Air Jordan-type sneakers, Villar said.

    Descriptions is similiar to 3/18 pictures released.  Clothing appropiate for 3/18 desert climate. It would be interesting to check the temperature for 4/30.  Clothing may not be appropiate for time of day incident occured. 

  26. ralfie1 says:

    Immigrants are the ones that may have only comitted 2 or less crimes.
    Still criminals!

  27. Pesqueira says:

    Photos are grainy and eyesight no what it should be but I see not water containers. In the desert without water?  There might be other reasons suspects wouldn’t carry water.

  28. JoeSJake says:

    According to the date in the lower left of the pics,  they were taken on  March 18th after 11pm by a ground surveillance system, “Night Hawk”

  29. leftfield says:

    Does Al, Danny and Shakira live here?

    Well, yes, they do live here; in the USA where we all live.  This sounds a lot like the southerners who “didn’t cotton to outside agitators telling them how to run things” in their city or county. 

    As to your other points, I agree with your concern about hungry and thirsty people with terrible blisters on their feet dragging their little children through the middle of the desert.  I think your friend Al Sharpton cares about that too (maybe even as much as seeing his name in the news).  And I have handed out socks and water and seen people sick with dehydration, though not as much as you no doubt.  So, at least many of us have this in common.  You’re disgusted, I’m disgusted, we’re all disgusted by the state of things today.  Maybe this is a starting point from which to build a consensus.  But SB 1070 does nothing; absolutely nothing to create conditions that will keep these people at home. 

    outrage from

  30. Barker says:

    You’re right leftfield, until we legalize drugs like marijuana in the U.S., we will be forever requiring illegal importation of these drugs through the Mexican/AZ border. There is no real solution to this problem other than ending prohibition, once again.

  31. spiniton says:

    Yeah, that’s a good idea. Let’s worry about the rights of the people who technically have no rights since they aren’t citizens. Those idiot deputies and border patrol just keep getting in the way of these drug smugglers just trying to make an honest living. I guess that means they had it coming.
    Oh, and by the way, “leftfield”, most people in Arizona have no problem with Mexicans. What people in AZ have problems with is paying higher car insurance, higher homeowners insurance, higher taxes, and our hospitals unable to keep up with unpaid bills because of the ILLEGALS or ENTRANTS who come here for free healthcare, hit our cars, break into our homes, and go to our hospitals. Our state and counties are broke because of spending on people who don’t pay taxes. So “monochromatic” is not the issue. LEGAL is the issue.

  32. Pesqueira says:

    Thanks JoeSJake,  What do you think Pinal Sheriff will come up with next?
    G-d help me but I love it!

  33. Pesqueira says:

    spiniton don’t take it out on the Sheriff dept.  A great deal of the time they have your ass covered. Occasionally the trappings of power corrupt even the best.  This is my reason for not giving them more police powers. Their budget is more than adequate.

  34. Pesqueira says:

    Oh Yeah I forgot, go Sheriff Dupnik.  G-d Bless.

  35. JoeSJake says:

    I’m more of a “down with Dupnik” kinda guy,  maybe we can finally get rid of him and LaWall soon.  I am sure she will show here true colors and “advise” him not to enforce SB1070…

    We shall see…

  36. Pesqueira says:

    JoeSJake, do you have any info on calls placed by Officer Puroll reporting the 4/30 incident to other Law Enforcement agencies prior to placing calls to his own department?  

  37. JoeSJake says:

    Are you referring to the multiple dispatchers he spoke with in the audio that has been released?

    I’ve no doubt he made multiple calls to 911 during the hour or so he was waiting for help to arrive.

    If somone with an agenda is trying to paint this incident as staged they are going to have a real tough time.

  38. P.W. says:

    I’m with Tarbush. I have no problem with “illegal immigrant.” An “illegal entrant” would accurately describe an American citizen who broke into my car or house.
    “Crosser” is more descriptive and far less pin-headed.

  39. Big Daddy says:

    I am proud AZ and Gov Brewer has decided to make a stand on the illegal border crosser issue. I am not proud of AZ’s education record. I have two kids in public education and have to work d@@n hard at getting them a good education. I don’t take the free $$ but many people here illegally do take the money and take up space in the education system.
    I did like your article and thankfully you ended it with an explanation.

  40. Pesqueira says:

    No I am not speaking of multiple calls the dispatcher.  I was specifically asking if another call to a different Law Enforcement agency was made. 
    There have been so many discrepancies related to this case.  Since this case and the Krentz case inflamed so many, it is important that all discrepancies see the light of day. 

  41. JoeS says:


    Could you please point out the discrepancies in the case as you see them,  and are you aware of all the calls he made that day?


  42. JoeS says:

    Does anyone know why the left side of the text of replies I try to read gets lost in the blue border of the website?  I have never had this issue on any other website.


  43. Pesqueira says:

    Just a few.
    Shooting was done in broad daylight vs MO of night photos for smugglers.
    I don’t know but was the deputy or his vehicle in his patrol area?
    What distance was the deputy away from his vehicle? I’ve seen reports of 5 miles
    Does a deputy track 5 armed smugglers for 5 miles without notifying superiors?
    Have any ak-47 casings been found – none reported so far that i’ve seen.
    Was any marijuana recovered?
    10 mile net with helicopters was set up,  no viable suspect was found.

    If I were to lay this story out for myself would you have questions?
    On the prior call to other Agencies I have no idea if this was done. That why I asked.  

    Do I doubt these smugglers are active? No. Sorry to ask. My apologies to the deputy.

  44. JoeS says:


    Unfortunatly due to a board error,  or my settings I cannot read the far left of your post  but I will reply as best I can.

    Smugglers that move on foot in Southern Az are not limited to day or night travel.  The Deputy in question was AFAIK assigned to interdict smuggeling activity in that area.  He was known to go on foot patrol and conduct surveillance  opearations in these areas that are not very accessible by vehicle,  ESPECIALLY if you are trying to conduct SURVEILLANCE.   You go in quietly on foot,  observe,  report and make seizures or arrests as practical.

    The scene of the firefight has been found and evidence recovered to include 7.62×39 shell casings and an AKM magazine. 

    As far as tracking them for five miles it is very likely he found some fresh “sign” aka tracks to non trackers,  and started following it.   Based on reports he eventully found the load and it appeared unattended.  He approached and was ambushed.

    Understand that what this deputy does on a daily basis in the desert,  that is conduct surveillence operations in response to drug and human smuggling,  is done every day and night by every squared away law enforcement agency.  There is nothing unusual about it save for the media blackout on the seriousness of the problem.

    While shooting incidents between LEOs and smugglers are not unheard of in the Az desert, they are still fairly uncommon.

    If there is anything else I can help with let me know,  again I could not read all of your questions in full.

  45. JoeS says:

    And to be clear,  since I forgot to mention it in my previous post.

    I too have many questions regarding this and MANY incidents that are reported on,  and others that are not.  But having been involved in uses of force in the past and reading about them in the paper later only to find a very incomplete account…

    Well…. I will continue to ask questions and reserve final judgement until we know more.

  46. Pesqueira says:

    Thank you for sharing and I respect your opinion.

  47. True American says:

    Being an ex Marine Viet-Nam-combat-veteran and an ex MP after my tour of duty. The report of this shooting hit me very wrong for a number of reasons. Number one: I know first hand the damage that an AK-47 round does, an AK-47 round spins as it travels and even if it grazes the target it would do major damage (it would have ripped out half his organs on the side that was hit). Number two: As an MP (Military Policeman) I learned that you do not make contact with a suspect/s without first reporting to headquarters. The cop in question was not a rookie, he should have known this. I also have to question his calling 911 vs calling his own unit for back-up. This entire incident is suspect and since there were foreign nationals involved, the FBI should investigate. For the the Sheriff’s department to investigate would be like putting the fox in charge of the chicken coup.

  48. True American says:

    As was mentioned by another commenter, the pictures of the men in the desert were not of this incident which occurred at 4pm on 4/30/10. According to the date in the lower left hand corner of the pictures,  they were taken on  3/18 /10 at 23:14:45 by a ground surveillance system called “Night Hawk”

  49. True American says:

    Did the police say these were pictures of suspects? And did they tell you 3/18 meant 3 of 18? If so, they are misleading you.

    This picture looks more like a nighttime training exercise by the police and the pictures were taken by a nightime surveillance system called NightHawk. According to news reports:

    The governor has directed the state’s national guard to increase its “Nighthawk” ground surveillance and current helicopter aerial surveillance operations, which will require an additional 150 missions and 70 to 80 missions through September, respectively. Additional personnel will be hired when federal funding becomes available.

  50. advocate540 says:

    Chickens? Talking about chickens? Careful, William Gheen of ALIPAC will be here looking for love.
    I agree with True American about the characteristics of a round shot from a 47, having been Security Police in the Air Force during the nam.
    Google “officer involved shooting hoax” and there is tons of similar situations

  51. JoeS says:

    True American,

    He has a grazing wound, pure and simple,  I have seen plenty of them.  As far as the 7.62×39 projectile “spinning”,  well yes all projectiles that come out of a rifled barrel “spin”,   it’s what makes them accurate…
    If you were trying to say the round tumbles on impact,  well that is typically what happens when the rounds kinetic energy is dumped onto the water density target,  but this was a grazing  wound,  if it were maybe a 1/2″ closer to his body the story might have had a much  more tragic ending.
    As far as your “MP” experience goes,  first let me thank you for your service,  then let me suggest you use your experince to write some proposed SOPs for the local LEA’s and then submit them for approval.

    I’m all for asking tough questions,  but lets keep them based on reality.

  52. JoeS says:

    Did the police say these were pictures of suspects? ”

    The pics are not of the night of the incident,  but since these pics were taken in the same vicinity,  and they are armed much like the Deputy described they are considerd suspects.
    IF they are not to be considered suspects then you have to understand you are saying that there are multiple organized, armed groups working in that valley.  Which in fact there are,  but we don’t see that reported or brought up in the media.

    The low intensity conflict that has been going on below I-10 has been going on for many,  many years.  Maybe folks will finally wake uo to what is going on.

  53. Rynski says:

    Thanks, JoeS, for your response to question and add’l info.
    Just for everyone’s info: I am sending an inquiry to Pinal sheriff office for their FULL EXPLANATION of earlier batch of photos.
    PIO initially told me the 3/18 referred to “3 out of 18” but I am still double checking that response.
    I will post response once I receive it. Thanks.
    The explanation of the second batch of photos is noted in Babeu’s letter:
    I attached some recent Intel photos (taken in the past couple months) which clearly show numerous armed smugglers in Vekol Valley smuggling corridor along I-8. Yes, this is the very location of the shooting just 9 days ago.


  54. Rynski says:

    I’ve also amended top of post to reflect this updated photo explanation from Pinal County Sheriff’s Office (as of 5/19/10):
    UPDATE – Photos sent by Pinal County Sheriff’s Office at bottom of post. All surveillance photos are from federal agencies’ “strategically placed” cameras focused on area where deputy was shot. “Within feet,” of the shooting location, according to Pinal County Sheriff’s Office. Photo dates range from January through April. Apologies for earlier confusion.
    Please disregard any earlier explanations.

  55. JoeS says:


    Thanks for the update

  56. Thomas D. says:

    So whats the difference? Illegal aliens with guns or Cartel workers with guns? Yopu have to have a muddled mind to think there is a difference.

  57. True American says:

    Actually, it looks like the people in the Nighthawk surveillance video are all wearing carhartt jackets.  The National Guard wears carhartt jackets. In Gov. Brewer’s statement, she said the National Guard is conducting nightime exercises using Nighthawk surveillance equipment and utilizing ak-47s.

    Are we sure these are not the National Guard conducting their Nighthawk exercises?

    Is Babeu still misleading you?

  58. JoeSJake says:

      “The National Guard wears carhartt jackets. In Gov. Brewer’s statement, she said the National Guard is conducting nightime exercises using Nighthawk surveillance equipment and utilizing ak-47s.
    Are we sure these are not the National Guard conducting their Nighthawk exercises?”

    I’m impressed,  you have some powerful observation skills to be able to discern the brand of jacket the subjects in the video are wearing.

    Could you please point out where Gov. Brewer mentions the AZNG is deploying in the Az desert w/ “AK47’s”
    I standing by with an open mind and willing to learn,


  59. True American says:

    See the above .pdf I provided of the Governor’s statement. She said, “I have already asked the President to approve funding for an additional 250 National Guard personnel for the Joint Counter Narco-Terrorism Task Force to support federal, state and local law enforcement drug interdiction efforts.Using existing resources, I have directed General Salazar, to create additional “Nighthawk” ground surveillance capability with the Joint Task Force.These teams are armed, and use special night vision equipment in support of the U.S. Border Patrol.The additional personnel performing “Nighthaw” will result in an estimated 150 additional missions per year, and that number will continue to increase as federal funding becomes available.”

    The governor has deployed the AZNG and they are assisting DHS in the area. There are several reports available on line that indicate this. Additionally, the AZNG does wear carharrt jackets. From the picture you can see they are all wearing the same style carharrt jackets, ski masks (as arpaio’s masked volunteers wear) and  carrying assault weapons, as Brewer requested.

  60. JoeS says:

    True American…..your posts are entertaining and I enjoy them.  Keep em coming….really.

    Please find me a confirmed pic of AzNG wearing carharrt jackets,  ski masks,  and carrying AKMs in the field…..and NO you cannot use the pics of the suspects either.

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