Sabino Canyon in spring: A to Z slide show

Kick of orange/Ryn Gargulinski

Kick of orange/Ryn Gargulinski

Flora, fauna and fuzzy lavender thistle are just a few of the joys of Sabino Canyon in the spring.

A recent saunter through the canyon on horseback was truly a wonderland.

In addition to the blooming beauty, we spied all types of wildlife that included a deer, Gila monster, tortoise, dead coyote and a cranky mean lady. Don’t fret – the latter two are not included in the pictures.

The rattlesnake we saw is not pictured, either, as it would be somewhat dumb to stick a camera in a venomous critter’s face.

Enjoy the A to Z slide show that gives you more than 26 reasons to take a trek to Sabino right now.

Please note: K photo appears above. It was left out of the slide show and if you edit the slide show too much it becomes temperamental and erases all the photos.



logoWhat do you think?

Which photo is your fave?

Where do you like to experience spring in Arizona?

What’s your favorite hiking spot?

What’s the coolest thing you ever saw on a hike?

Do you enjoy the spring or spend it miserably suffering from allergies?


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6 Responses to Sabino Canyon in spring: A to Z slide show

  1. azmouse says:

    Beautiful! Love the gila monster and tortoise the best, but the deer is precious and the scenery amazing.

    Every time this year I lose my voice because my allergies are insane…never had allergy problems till I got older..what’s up with that!?!

    • Rynski says:

      hey azmouse!
      thanks! yes, it IS a glorious time of year, for sure! i, too, dig the tortoise photo. but i’m also a fan of the kick of orange.
      allergies are weird. i’ve never had any my entire life, save for the hives i got for eating an arby’s chicken sandwich every day for two weeks way back when, but last year they floored me.
      allergies were so bad i actually went to doc and had to take all types of medication. this year = none.
      couldn’t tell you – but i can say i’ve also heard of people getting acne out of nowhere as they got older.
      eek! allergies and acne? thought we were supposed to age with grace?! hahahah.

      • azmouse says:

        Happy to hear you’re allergy free this year. I’m so jealous!

        Looks like you had a great time and you’re a natural horsewoman.

      • Rynski says:

        i’m glad to be allergy free (so far knock wood!) this year too – don’t be jealous! i’ll share it with you!
        sabino was glorious – and i was quite surprised at how non-sore i was from horseback ride…def. the yoga, i’d say.
        i was less surprised, however, to find my horse turning skills are on par with my vehicle parallel parking: they stink!
        both maneuvers all of a sudden make me turn things backwards, like pulling the wrong rein to turn horse left and turning the steering wheel the wrong way to move towards the curb. my car always ends up in the middle of the street with parallel parking, just like chapo nearly ended up in the dam when i tried to make him turn but pulled the reins in wrong direction (he was smart enough to just stand there and look at me like ‘yeah, right – i’m not going in there…’).

  2. Andrew Ulanowski says:

    Ryn, you are funny dear. I like your description of steering Chapo – my favorite picture is the Gila Monster . . . I’m jealous, I’ve never gotten to see one in the wild – out at the ranch where I’ve been digging ditches I see many birds: Harris’s’ Hawk, Barn Owl, Cardinal, Summer Tanager to name a few. I love working in a place where the hawls are screeing every once in awhile. Looks like you had a lovely time at work too!
    licensed human

    • Rynski says:

      dear licensed human,
      thanks! for comments. yes, that was my first gila monster! but i still have yet to see javelina, that is the beastie for which i pine.
      way cool! on your bird spotting – i am esp. fond of hawks, owls and those cranky blackbirds that keep sitting on my gazebo. one comes to yell at me daily.
      glad you get to work outdoors! this most recent ride was not technically work, but a ride for fun. i just had to share the photos as they were too lovely to keep to myself.

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