Dumped dogs get second chance

One local guy who dumped his two dogs in a parking lot early Saturday morning evidently didn’t care if they died – and one nearly did.

Bear recovering after being run over by car/Photo Cindy Williams

Bear recovering after being run over by car/Photo Cindy Williams

In fact, the pit bull, now named Bear, would definitely be dead if two animal-loving dog owners had not happened to be on the scene.

Cindy Williams and Cheryl Ottley were out at a local McDonald’s near a Chevron gas station when they saw two pit bulls wandering around the parking lot.

They learned a guy had pulled up in his car, dumped the dogs, and proceeded to drive away.

While the two were figuring out what do to about it – ignoring the situation was not an option – the dogs were going up to cars at the gas station, most likely looking for their owner.

“The driver of a car at a gas pump kicked one of the dogs away from his car, and then drove over the dog’s rear end on his way out,” Williams said.

“The dog got up and staggered away. We were then galvanized into action.”

They got the two dogs into Ottley’s car, luring the uninjured dog with a sandwich, and drove the two pooches to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. Neither dog growled, was stand-offish or nasty, perhaps a surprise with such a fine owner.

Bear still groggy from surgery/Photo Cindy Williams

Bear still groggy from surgery/Photo Cindy Williams

”The Humane Society agreed to take the uninjured dog but wouldn’t take the other one without euthanizing him,” Williams said.

Again, not an option.

So it was off to a veterinarian, namely the Veterinary Specialty Center of Tucson, 4909 N. La Canada.

“It turns out that both of Bear’s hips were broken and would require surgery at an estimated cost of over $3,000. The vet thinks that one hip will heal fine once it is set, but the other is smashed up pretty badly and will require pins,” Williams said.

The operation would become more complicated – and the cost of surgery increase – the longer the two waited. Bear’s surgery was Monday and he’s recovering well.

Animal dumping is illegal. Williams is trying to get surveillance video from the gas station that will hopefully show the dog dumper in action so the Tucson Police Department can investigate.

Bear was groggy after surgery but still tried to wag his tail/Photo Cindy Williams

Bear was groggy after surgery but still tried to wag his tail/Photo Cindy Williams

Williams and Ottley got a loan from Ottley’s mom to pay the vet, but are still wondering how to repay the mom.

Between Ottley’s $400 and Williams’ $100 (“The best I can do these days”), they are 1/6 of the way there.

The two applied for a rescue lifeline grant from United Animal Nations, posted a message on Facebook’s Tucson Animal Search and Rescue discussion board and are looking for other ideas and/or donations.

Since Williams and Ottley both already have several dogs, they will also be seeking a new owner for Bear. Ottley will foster him in the interim.

Contact Williams at clouwho26@aol.com with ideas, for more info or if you know of a happy home for Bear.

“The staff at the Veterinary Specialty Center of Tucson are in love with him,” Williams said. “They said he is a big cuddler, even when he must have been in great pain. He is so worth saving.”


What do you think?

How far would you go to save an animal?

How far have you gone?

Do you know any other heroic rescue stories?

Should we dump the pit bulls’ owner at a gas station to see how he likes it?

NOTE: The incorrect vet info was initially included in the story. The correct vet info is now in place: Veterinary Specialty Center of Tucson, 4909 N. La Canada, Phone: 795-9955.


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18 Responses to Dumped dogs get second chance

  1. bpa says:

    Tucson police should also pursue the individual who kicked and then ran over the dog!!! 

  2. azmouse says:

    Shocking cruelty from not only the owner, but the guy at the gas station who kicked and ran over the dog. They both need to be charged.

    Any time I see a stray dog I put it in my car, bring it home and start the hunt for the family.

    • Rynski says:

      yes, this was an ugly scene all around – the dogs seemed like they ended up at the saturday morning dog haters club.
      i agree the dog kicker/runner overer should get some type of penalty, too. but “animal cruelty” has to be proven to be intentional. he could just claim “i didn’t see the dog beneath my tires…”
      good for you on your stray dog rescue efforts! i couldn’t leave a stray abandoned, either. glad to see the poll is shaping up that way, too. an inkling of faith in humanity returns – hahha.

      • michele says:

        If surveillance video is available, it can clarify whether the loser who kicked the dog “didn’t see the dog beneath my tires”.  My bet is that he’s a loser who just didn’t care where the dog ended up.

        Point of interest:  If a dumped dog or cat is in good health and has a loving personality, there’s a chance that a resentful spouse or human companion of the real owner did the actual dumping.  Gives them more “control”  in their relationship…

        I’m always so encouraged to hear how many people are good & kind in this world. Somehow the losers always stick out..

  3. Ali says:

    If they find the guy, I will happily run over his tail.

  4. radmax says:

    Howdy Rynski! Poor little guy, sure is cute.
    Three G’s to fix him up? Geez!
    The owner should be run over multiple times about the hip area to experience what his pet went through, then be forced to pay the vet bill…not necessarily in that order… 😉

    • Rynski says:

      hey radmax –
      he is cute, isn’t he? i do hope he finds the happy home he deserves. guess a smashed hip is pretty costly these days…
      i also wholly agree with your “solution” to the situation – you got style! hahah.

      • azmouse says:

        You aren’t kidding…he is the cutest little dude EVER! He will find a great home without a problem.

  5. Kelly says:

    Thank you for continuing to write stories about the local dogs being saved and rescued, I  appricaite you doing for River, and now that she is safe, I have become more involved with all the wonderful people in this town that do this daily! The more the word gets out maybe the more people will help out and every little bit helps! I dont think people realize the amount of dogs being saved, by just people, who have hearts! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rynski says:

      thanks for comment, kelly!
      i adore the dog rescue stories – and awesome to hear river’s rescue led you to getting more involved with others who share such passion.
      great to hear folks are making a difference.

  6. Jennatoolz says:

    Oh man!! That poor lil guy!!! I’m so glad someone was around to help a pup in need. Huge applause goes to everyone involved in the rescue! 🙂

  7. Janet Manzella says:

    He is beautiful. Great job to the 2 ladies who saved these little pups and to the VSC of Tucson, some of the best most caring Vets in this world. May God Bless all of your and these 2 beautiful pups.
    I hope the video is clear enough to get both drivers the ignorant dumper and the heartless sub-human who  kicked and ran over a puppy.

  8. Robin says:

    I never leave a stray animal…and I would never tolerate watching abuse. I would have run that guy off the road. I have no tolerance for animal abuse.
    God Bless the people who helped these dogs….angels all around.

  9. hinata says:

    that is the cutest lil doggy ever! who woldnt help him… and what kind of idiot would run over a dog being left by his owner. the thing ppl do these day is just wrong.

  10. Rynski says:

    readers – you rock!
    got an e-mail from cindy saying she’s gotten plenty of responses – and support – after folks read about bear’s plight.
    thank you thank you!
    i knew there were bunches of cool people out there.

  11. cynthia says:

    this is soo sad. Some people are just so heartless.

  12. A Technician says:

    Thanks for posting this message! I worked with Bear while he was in the hospital. He was an angel, and so many of us would have taken him had we had the room in our lives. Being a person who sees this kind of cruelty daily, it is SO REFRESHING to see it turn out positively for the pet!

    • Rynski says:

      thank YOU, a technician –
      that’s wonderful you got to be part of his rescue and recovery! glad to hear he was an angel – which makes it likely he’ll end up in a happy home. yes, it is refreshing when we get success stories of all types. thanks for comment!

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