30,000 pounds of chicken coming to Tucson – Celebrate with chicken slide show

Got chicken? Tucson sure will when more than 30,000 pounds of the palatable poultry is delivered to the Community Food Bank on Monday, Sept. 21, according to a news release from the food bank.

Illustration Ryn Gargulinski

Illustration Ryn Gargulinski

Tyson Food, Inc., joined forces with the League of United Latin American Citizens to bring this delicacy to hungry families, churches and other organizations via the food bank.

Thousands of families across southern Arizona will benefit from this donation, said Bill Carnegie, president/CEO of the Community Food Bank.

He also noted in 2008 the food bank distributed 22 million pounds of food, enough to furnish more than 48,000 meals each day. Last year’s demand was nearly 40 percent higher than the previous year, he said.

Carnegie and LULAC member Richard Fimbres will be unloading the chicken truck(s) at 9 a.m. at the food bank, 3003 S. Country Club Road, if anyone wants to truck down to watch.

No word on when the chicken will be available for distribution.

In the meantime, those who can’t go watch raw chicken being unloaded from a truck may enjoy the chicken photo slide show below.



What’s for dinner?


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15 Responses to 30,000 pounds of chicken coming to Tucson – Celebrate with chicken slide show

  1. Ron Wyman says:

    I am curious why LULAC  is involved?  LULAC is not noted as a benevolent provider to the general public. Does this have anything to do with little Richey Fimbres and his latest attempt at obtaining a soft and cushy seat in congress?  I do belive that LULAC woud consider Richey Fimbers as a bought and paid for politician.  And Fimbres does need their (LULAC) support.  I guess this is not really a nice feel good story, as much as it is a story to manipulate the public into thinking that LULAC and Richard Fimbres are interested in helping the disadvantaged.  The good thing is that no matter the reason, people who need some help will get some help, inspite of LULAC and Richard Fimbres.

    • Rynski says:

      i like the end result that thousands of folks will get to eat chicken. don’t care really where it came from.

      • Ron Wyman says:

        If you did not care where the chicken came from then why did you lead your story off with LULAC and Richey?  Could you have written the article without mention of their names?  You wanted to give some PR to causes you like.  The Community Food Bank receives hundreds of donations every day. The cause is worthy.  The cause is the story.  But who donates what is not the story, Why is imortant, only when Who is brought into the real story.
        Would LULAC and Richey donate one can of food to the community food bank if theyhad to do it with no benifit to themselves or their cause?  Would they do it if they got no PR from any source?
        Give to the community food bank.

      • Rynski says:

        now, ron. i couldn’t very well say 30,000 pounds of chicken was coming to town from a “mysterious source” and by “mysterious means.” no one would eat the stuff, then.

    • Lisa says:

       Ron despite what you think about LULAC or Richard they have done a lot of good for our community and the rural communities. I worked with him for many years and he always thought about the disadvantaged population. For years Southern Arizona did not have the programs they had in Phoenix, when he became Director of GOHS he changed that to expand services to us. Under his direction we were able to place a lot of car seats in the Hispanic community at no cost to the people. Weather it is politics or what ever his motive who really cares! Why don’t you get out there and help out.

  2. azmouse says:

    Good news for people in need of food.

    I can’t help but feel bad for leftfield and his love of chickens who are alive.

    Hey, the chicken farmer won on America’s Got Talent.

    • Rynski says:

      haha! i thought of leftfield when i wrote this – but i interspersed some live chicken shots throughout the slide show to make up for it. my mom is a big chicken fan, too.

  3. leftfield says:

    Of course, I was immediately drawn to this story.  I do like the pictures of live chickens much more than the pictures of dead bird carcasses. 

    I hope that the people who eat these poor dead birds will be respectful of them and be aware of the suffering of chickens in factory farm situations.  Chickens need to spend about 40 – 50% of their time each day in the natural process of foraging (you know, scratching and pecking).  Denied the opportunity to forage, groom, or even flap their wings from time to time, they are no less tortured than a person in solitary confinement. 

  4. Ron Wyman says:

    I do not know what you mean by the words “Respectfull of them and aware of the suffering of Chickens in factory farm situations”  Are you that foolish to force human thoughts and feelings on animals or better yet livestock?  Do you not realize that plant life also have the exact same human feelings and thoughts as to humans and animals?  Yes, the beautiful soy plant who was dancing in the wind with the wheat plant and strawberry plant, was enjoying life, and thinking about having a family and raising it’s seedlings, but was killed by the mean farmer, in a cruel and barbaric manner, with no consideration to the value and purpose of their life and equality.  The plant had to die a slow and very painful death.  It’s life blood drained from its veins untill it became a dryed out shell of a plant and disgarded and burried into an unmarked grave.  Plants are equal to Humans.  All life is equal.

  5. radmax says:

    This thread’s gettin’ pretty wacky Rynski, although I do enjoy the pics of live birds followed by packaged fryers, as I know this makes Lefty cringe. 🙂 Good show to WHOMEVER is responsible for providing this much needed food.

    • Rynski says:

      i agree – bon appetit!! – also agree the thread is getting wacky. but that’s what makes it fun, no? I have a whole collage of dead/live/cartoon chickens interspersed artfully and hanging in my hallway. my dogs love staring at it.

  6. Paul C says:

    Sorry this does not make up for hiring illegals while Americans go with out a job.
    Probably should be sending to I.C.E., many be they will stop raiding your proccessing plants.

  7. Mary says:

    My favorite slide is the city chicken.  Musht be from New York.  

    On a serious note, how cool is it that they’re donating that much stuff.  I have too many friends and family out of work to even joke about it!

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