Guns in bars OKed by AZ governor

While minors and drunks may not be allowed to enter a bar, folks toting concealed handguns will soon have the green light to patronize the place.

Street shot up by angry drunk?/Ryn Gargulinski

Street shot up by angry drunk?/Ryn Gargulinski

Ariz. governor signs bill allowing guns in bars, Associated Press report

PHOENIX (AP) — Arizonans with concealed weapons permits will be allowed to take a handgun into bars and restaurants that serve alcohol under a bill signed Monday by Gov. Jan Brewer.

The measure, backed by the National Rifle Association, will require bar and restaurant owners who want to ban weapons on the premises to post a no-guns sign next to their liquor license. It becomes effective Sept. 30.

Drinking while carrying a weapon would be illegal.

Overall, this could be a very good thing.

Since drinking while carrying a weapon would be illegal, we know anyone who did end up getting drunk while carrying their gun would do the right thing and go put it away, right?

Better service might arise because of it, with fewer customers being ignored when they need their water glasses refilled for fear they may haul off and shoot the wait staff.

And you don’t know how many times I was about to sit down to my five-course meal in a restaurant that serves liquor only to have to defend my breadsticks against a hungry, adjacent customer. Now I can use my concealed weapon instead of my butter knife to keep them at bay.

Bartenders and kitchen help, too, can benefit with an extra layer of protection for the top-shelf liquors, pricey caviar stocked in the back and the stockpiles of little umbrellas that go in the drinks.

A positive scenario may even result even if folks do get drunk, stupid and “forget” to put their guns away. An angry gaggle of gun-toting drunks may be able to quiet each other down without our intervention whatsoever – provided their aim is not too far gone.

What do you think?

Do folks need to carry their guns into bars and restaurants?

When’s the last time you felt threatened while eating out or getting drunk in a bar? Would a gun have helped you?

Have you ever had to defend your drink’s little umbrella or your breadsticks?


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31 Responses to Guns in bars OKed by AZ governor

  1. azmouse says:

    Everybody in my family have concealed weapons permits. I’m used to seeing people with guns, so I don’t think that much about it.

  2. Rynski says:

    Did you ever have to pull one out in a restaurant or bar?

    • azmouse says:

      LOL. Nope!

      I know the gun thing is a touchy subject. When my brother and I were kids, my folks had us go to gun safety classes, as well as marksmanship classes. My kids have all done it as well. To our family it’s no different than when I bought a boat, me and my kids went through a boating safety class.

      • Rynski says:

        Very wise. When my brother and I were kids, we weren’t even allowed to play with toy guns. So my exposure/outlook is surely on the opposite end of scale. Was taught to fear them, although had no fear when tried shooting range.

      • azmouse says:

        I understand completely. Guns are one of those many subjects you have to decide how to deal with when you have kids.
        I do absolutely refuse to have any guns in my own home. My own kids might be knowledgeable, but they have friends who come over here. I don’t even trust a gun safe. Our weapons are with trusted family members.

  3. Karyn Zoldan says:

    Arizona is living up (or down) to it’s “wild west” reputation.
    I was shocked when I first heard there was such a bill and then more shocked when it overwhelmingly passed through the House. It just confirms that AZ politicians suck and I probably won’t be surprised by what other crap they pass.
    Hopefully, restaurants will do the smart thing and post no guns next to their liquor license. I just cannot imagine what their liability insurance would be if they permitted guns on the premises.

    • Ado says:

      Than so is Michigan, and a host of other states that have allowed concealed carry in places where alcohol is served. Many states limit whether or not the gun owner is permitted to drink at all,(just a sarsaparilla bartender). Since I once lived in Michigan in another life, I know there are limits on someone that legally carries a weapon in an establishment that serves alcohol and their ability to drink. Many states that allow carrying concealed weapons have similar laws. I haven’t read the entire bill the guv signed so I am not sure of what similar provisions the concealed carry law may have here in AZ, but I wouldn’t think it would permit drunks to be carrying guns.

  4. Romeo says:

    Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I can have the right to defend myself. Had my CCW since 94 and pulled it out once to prevent a carjacking. Hey Karyn why don’t you stay locked in your house, its a big scary world out there, don’t want anything to happen to you. Be afraid, be very afraid.

    • FranciscoL says:

      It’s very unlikely you will be carjacked in a bar or restuarant. Leave it in you car locked away where it belongs.  I would hate to be enjoying a cold micro brew or JD on the rocks or burger and have some amatuer sauced vigilante or drunk patron pull out their legal glock or .44 from their super secret holster and “accidently” put two in my head or chest because the guy standing next to them at the bar. bumped into them, disagreed with them about politics or hit on their girlfriend.  That is why Wyatt Earp and his brothers took everyone’s guns away as soon as they rode into Dodge city Kansas or Tombstone AZ, Booze and guns don’t mix. Read your History and your crime stats.

      • sechem says:

        Yes, read the facts.

        Wyatt Earp had no way of running background checks on everyone coming into town.  If he knew them, he deputized them and they were allowed to carry.  A backgorund check by personal knowledge.

        “two in my head or chest because the guy standing next to them at the bar. bumped into them, disagreed with them about politics or hit on their girlfriend. ”

        Yea, the above happens to me all the time. Someone bumps into me and I just start shooting.
        Some looks the wrong way at my wife and I just start shooting.

        Other CCW holders do too ….. read about it all the time. Right? Its absolute CCW carnage .

        Ignorance, actually in this case just sheer stupidity, is why the liberal sewer hype about guns exist.

      • FranciscoL says:

        secham your not everybody. …
        That somebody else might not be able to handle their liquor. Look at that idiot in New York who shot himself in the leg.
        Or the other idiot you killed another man in a nightclub during a rap mogul party.

        Where you either of those guys?

        It happens.

        Here in Tucson you have some of the highest crime rates in Arizona  and if you don’t have the doorman checking for weapon’s at the door because it’s your “Constitutional right to carry” in a private establishment you are putting us all at risk. I don’t care if your protecting your self in your home,  your car, hell even  your campsite on federal land… Just don’t take a firearm into a place where people take a substance that makes them stupid and impares their judgement.
        A bartender will cut you off and call you a cab because you can’t drive your licensed vehicle. Are you going to give your clip to him or her if you can’t safely use your weapon after you are passed .08?

        Wyatt even took his friends guns when they rode into town. told them to have a good time and let them know they could pick up their weapons at the saloon when they left town. Why? because he knew when people start drinking and partying they don’t make the best decisions.

        The problem with “Conservatives” is all they care about is their guns and their god and they really don’t think about the people around them. How is it going to affect my community?  I made a point in another post. The U.S. has the most liberal guns laws but at the same time we have the most people in prison per capita. We have the most murders, rapes, robberies, etc.

        The past 8 years our prison population has grown exponentolly. Weaker gun laws  tougher law enforcement with less resources… You figure it out.  

      • FranciscoL says:

        One more thing… I believe in my God and my Jesus but they believe in feeding the hungry, they believe in turning the other check, they believe in life that means no death penalty and no abortians, and they believe in taking care of other people first before taking care of yourself… That’s how you get into heaven.

        Not conceled weapons.

  5. Bonnie says:

    Guess it was more important to impress the NRA assembly heading to Phx than it is to be thinking about its own constituents.
    Just one more piece of legislation to make it tougher on small business owners (restaurants and bars) … now they have to be concerned about weapons all over the place. This law assumes everyone is SANE who has a concealed weapon permit. Come on folks!

    • sechem says:

      “assumes everyone is SANE who has a concealed weapon permit. Come on folks!”

      And if they are insane then they will carry anyway …. in an otherwise unarmed environment if you had your way.

      Ignorance is attrative ……. learn the facts.

  6. A.Farley says:

    YaHoo! I’m locked AND loaded, where we going?

  7. MICK says:

     How Do I Start, Crime Rates Will Go Down If There is a Fear Of THE NOT knowing if a Person Is Packing a Hand GUN or NOT. This Stat Was Proven In AUSTRAILIA When The GOV Decided to Ban All Waepons. The Crimes Rates Went SKY HIGH Because ONLY THE CRIMINAL’S HAD Weapons. 
         YES THANKS for AZ for The FREEDOM to Pack a GUN. 

    • FranciscoL says:

      United States Dept of Justice states 2.5 million plus, are in U.S. Prisons and jails. That per capita is the most in the world. How it that for crime rates. We have the most liberal gun laws in the world.  Arizona is 4th highest spender for corrections in the United States. 49th for education. With that kind of spending you might need your gun, why because your neighbors kid no matter what race, creed, or religion they might be…. There is a very good chance they will try to get what you go out of desperation, hunger, or need.

  8. radmax says:

    Not sure about this one. Seems that giving folks who pack the benefit of the doubt is a little peculiar in a place that serves alcohol. I know it’s not cool to leave your weapon in your vehicle.(lot of thefts) But I’ve always been against drinkin’ and packin’.

  9. sechem says:

    The new revision to the CCW carry bill will only have a positive impact on self-defense.

    Do any of you who are slamming it have any idea that over two dozen states already allow CCW holders to carry in restaurants that sell alcohol? Big shoot outs happening? No.

    If you are going to comment on a subject, al least have your facts down and don’t post out of ignorance. It seems that anti-gunners rarely know the existing laws, requirements and data concerning people who legally carry concealed. They use the lies and exaggerations spewed by the Brady sewer and others like them. Ignorance always breeds fear.
    As far as returning to the old west …….. again, if you knew history, not the Hollywood version, you would know that the “wild west” was not nearly as wild as people believe. Ignorance is a sad state of affairs.
    Learn the facts if you have a real interest in knowing the truth.

  10. ldonyo says:

    This will not end well for Arizona. All those who believe otherwise do not live in the real world.

  11. leftfield says:

    But no sparklers – those things are dangerous! 

  12. leftfield says:

    There are three things the world could lose and not miss: guns, alcohol and drunken Arizonans with guns.

  13. Ado says:

    Concealed weapons, being concealed, should not be a great cause for panic in an establishment that serves alcohol. It may be cause for panic if you are a criminal who likes to follow customers into the parking lot and rob them. Why is the left wingnuts so intent on seeing to it that potential victims remain defenseless?

    • FranciscoL says:

      Don’t park in the Dark, Don’t go out alone, take a cab and get picked up at the entrance of the bar (you shouldn’t be drinking and driving). The arguement isn’t what happens outside the bar, it’s what happens when people get boozed up and crazy on the inside of the bar…

      • Ado says:

        FranciscoL, it is exactly this kind of mentality of fear(Don’t park in the Dark, Don’t go out alone, take a cab and get picked up at the entrance of the bar), that being able to defend yourself with a weapon will dispel. I don’t care to live the way you describe(or perhaps it’s the way you choose to live). I don’t believe it is any citizens duty to retreat in the face of an armed assailant. It seems you do.

  14. RGRIMM says:


  15. inmyopinion says:

    Then the law didn’t go far enough.  They need to allow the bar owners to do what Mr. Earp did…check your guns before bellying-up to the bar, folks.  Guns and liquor don’t mix, and Lord knows how brave a liquored up cowboy can feel, especially if he has a .44.

    • FranciscoL says:

      According to these yahoos that would be unconstitutional. No bar or restaurant owner want people taken weapons into their establishment because of the violent ramifications. That is why they have doormen.

      It’s funny you can’t have a smoke in a bar but you can potentially smoke somebody in one. HMMMMMMMM?

  16. Mike Brewer says:

    The holders of CCW’s are held to a standard of  care that is  non-existent elsewhere. I know of no statistics that show that we  need be worried about a CCW totin’ hombre or mujeres. In fact the incidence of knife injuries is of much higher concern and  unreported by most agencies.  I would learn to protect yourself from sharp edged weapons before learning to shoot.
    The curious aspect of this new regulation is that those  that have a CCW are generally concerned about privacy, and a CCW will subject one to a probable cause search more rapidly than a simple exposed weapon.
    And then there is the personality factor that comes with the CCW. Did you notice that all those that have them want to brag about it?  Wanna see mine?

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