Top 10 signs of burnout

My busy bee mom taught me a lot of things, one of which I am trying very had to un-learn.

Mom is the type who will not stop working. She has even come up with a way to multi-task gardening with ironing and chatting on the phone while mopping the kitchen floor.

Burnt-out cat/Ryn Gargulinski

Burnt out cat/Ryn Gargulinski

Since I meditate, work out, do yoga and engage in many other stress-relieving exercises, I can usually handle a pretty heavy load. My blood pressure is also usually towards the “does she even have a pulse?” end.

But the load just severed the camel’s head.

My recent semi-annual checkup at the doc showed my blood pressure in the “check it once a week if it gets any higher you call me immediately” zone.

I’ve also noted other signs of burnout I’ve been trying very hard to ignore:

• You employ nonsensical metaphors

• You have to read a single paragraph 206 times and still don’t absorb what it says, even when it’s lurid details about a Kentucky serial killer who slashed open his victims and set them on fire

• You forget your address

• Your jaw stays locked in a half open position

• You begin to drool

• You don’t feel it when Phoebe keeps jumping at you with her razor claws to take her for a walk

• You don’t tend to the gushing wound from Phoebe jumping at you with her razor claws to take her for a walk

• Your closet shelf falls down and you just leave it there

• You lock yourself out of the house. Twice in one day. (And it’s even tougher to get back in because you’ve already forgotten your address.)

• You blog about burnout

Rynski note: I will be taking Friday off, but I will post my column late Thursday night so you think it was posted Friday morning and no one is the wiser.

When is the last time you hit burnout?

Did you sever a camel’s head?

What do you do to revitalize yourself?


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9 Responses to Top 10 signs of burnout

  1. azmouse says:

    No burn-out problems, ever. I can relate to your Mom, being one myself. You learn to multi-task quickly, and stuff just doesn’t get to me.
    If I ever have a problem, I’ll just try to go to bed at like 9pm instead of my usual 11pm.

    Keep in mind, Ryn, you’ve had some major changes in your life recently with work, so what you’re dealing with seems like it would be normal, under the circumstances.

  2. Romeo says:

    My last BO ocurred after the tinfoilman triathlon, too much training and not enough enjoying life. I cured it by cutting back on the running, increasing the swimming and consuming adult beverages while playing games on the computer. Meditation is a bottle of Makers Mark, neat.

  3. Red Star says:

    Vail man reminds us of life’s dangers, urges everyone to stay inside forever

  4. RADC MAXIMUS says:

    I was gonna write a fascinating comment, but I’m just too damn tired…

  5. Rynski: Of course you’re burned out. You and Mark are on the cutting edge of trying to make something out of nothing. You’re out there trying to make community journalists out of people who’ve never done that, dealing with criticism from the commenters (many of whom have never tried to make something out of nothing) and instead of your predictable hours as a GA reporter, you now are on 24/7. The fact that this is happening IN SPITE of you doing your exercise is not good. IT IS TIME FOR CHOCOLATE. Trust me on that one. Except, not for Mark. Mark has to exercise for his stress. Pass the word and both of you hang in there.

    • Rynski says:

      thanks, dahhhlink.
      I’ll exercise extra for Mark and he can eat my chocolate.
      Will that work?

    • RADC MAXIMUS says:

      Ms. Horton, while it is true there were many negative comments at the beginning of this experiment, I have watched this grow from \Don’t think this is gonna work\, to a pretty doggone interesting site. Lots of varied areas of interest represented. Getting better every day. PS- if referring to me as to being negative, Rynski gets my joke. (I hope) 🙂

  6. Rynski: I was running around the house on Tuesday, late for an appointment, getting aggravated because I couldn’t find my cell phone, and then realized it was in my hand. Does that count? : ) Keep up the good work. It’ll sort itself out eventually. Cheers — LL

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