June 17 in history: Where were you during the O.J. chase?

I wasn’t born yet for the Kennedy thing, was on Brooklyn’s 69th Street Pier watching the towers burn down on Sept. 11 and was in a class full of middle school social studies students watching the Challenger launch on TV when it blew up.

But I can’t remember where I was during the infamous O.J. chase on June 17, 1994. At the time I was still at Brooklyn College, so I’d guess I was in Brooklyn. But it was June and school would have been out. So I really have no clue.

Others remember it more vividly. A friend of mine sat down to officially begin his DJ career with his first music shift on this day in 1994. “I was a little distracted to say the least as I was sure (and eager to see) O.J. blow his brains out on live TV.”

I would call O.J. a jerk, but I got too much guff for calling Mike Tyson one in a previous post.

So, even though it appears O.J. was the most likely suspect in the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and her lover and he fled from the law in a historical high-speed chase yet eventually got to walk away free and clear, we will pretend he is nice person so folks don’t get upset.

Where were your during the infamous O.J. Chase?

Did you want him to blow his brains out or do you, too, think he’s a nice person and not a jerk?


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12 Responses to June 17 in history: Where were you during the O.J. chase?

  1. Max says:

    I was watching the NBA finals at Cluck U Chicken with a bunch of my fellow college students. The “chase” covered most of the screen, making it impossible to watch the game.

  2. RADC MAXIMUS says:

    The only one I recall is sept. 11. Had reservations to Disneyland the following week Pretty deserted. (Had a blast) OJ=loser.

  3. Romeo says:

    I was working at a dealership in tucson and all of us were in the waiting room watching the slo mo chase. I kept wondering why the LAPD didn’t just open up on the bronco or run it off the road. Juice the murderer ended up just like Ogabebama’s best friend Bill Ayers-guilty as sin and free as a bird-only in America!

    • leftfield says:

      Professor Ayers may have been guilty of breaking some laws in his time, but the courts determined that the evidence to be used against him was obtained illegally by your esteemed “authorities” and thus the case was dropped. This turned out to be for the greater good.

      Speaking of criminals, time to file against “The Bush Gang”; or at least deport them as undesirables.

  4. azstargirl says:

    like Max i was watching the dreaded Knicks play in the NBA finals. had a house full of folks and we were kinda glad to have a diversion !

  5. Deli says:

    I was at my new girlfriend’s house. We met a few days earlier at a party and we really hit it off – we had both just graduated. I didn’t learn until a little later that she was speaking of high school (I had just graduated from Western MI U). It only lasted until she went away to MSU in the fall.

  6. Deli says:

    P.S. I love the blog title!

  7. Red Star says:

    “…a historical high-speed chase…” announces Ryn Gargulisnki

    Fortunately Red Star wasn’t attending Brooklyn College!

    “The low-speed chase” at:


  8. azmouse says:

    I remember watching it at home, here in Tucson.
    Jeez…my kids would’ve only been 2, 7, and 9.

    It seemed silly. They were going so slow and OJ in the back with a gun to his head. I knew he wasn’t going to shoot himself.

    At least he’s NOW where he belongs.

  9. Glock&Spiel says:

    I was watching the NBA finals at The Board Room on Broadway. I loved that place. Wish it was still here.

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