Sex offender nabbed after sending naked photos to 14-year-old girl

One 14-year-old girl who thought she was simply texting a 14-year-old boy ended up being sent photos of naked body parts of a 48-year-old man.

When the girl’s mom saw the pictures of the private parts and other photos on her daughter’s phone, she went to police, Sgt. Fabian Pacheco said in a news release.

Terry Martin

Terry Martin/TPD photo

Tucson police officers were able to identify Terry W. Martin from the photos he sent the girl and arrested him.

Martin, who just so happens to be a level three sex offender, was booked into Pima County Jail on one felony count of furnishing harmful items to minors, Pacheco said.

Flashers, especially those who flash over the phone to 14-year-olds, have always been a sick lot.

The worst I ran into was in a supermarket parking lot back in Brooklyn. The guy was sitting in his car beeping his horn so folks would look over and notice he was exposing himself.

Don’t these guys have anything better to do?


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5 Responses to Sex offender nabbed after sending naked photos to 14-year-old girl

  1. RADC MAXIMUS says:

    This guy LOOKS like a perv. Pretty scary. Rynski wrote:”Tucson police officers were able to identify Terry W. Martin from the photos he sent the girl and arrested him.” Hopefully they got this creep before he hurt anybody? Just wondering, what kind of ‘mug shots’ did the police have on file. eeeewwwwww. Hope he goes away for a lifetime.

  2. azmouse says:

    Thank goodness this Mom was on the ball and discovered these pics. Personally, my kids weren’t allowed to get cellphones till they were old enough to pay for them.

    Hopefully, this guy won’t get out again.

  3. Leftfield says:

    Although women have been making some inroads lately, the area of sexual behavioral abnormalities seems almost exclusively male-dominated. I wonder why that is so?

  4. sandip says:

    sasafdfasfa fsgf gf

  5. nancy says:

    Men’s much greater sexual drive and fear of emasculation is why they are the main offenders and females not, of course. My twin sis and I were the victims of a flasher back in the late sixties, although I didn’t (luckily) realize it at the time (I was VERY naive and innocent as kids USED to be) whilst riding our bikes. Here in Tucson in the PALO VERDE Park area, we were tooling along one behind the other, and the guy passed us in his car and smiled as he slowed down. He sped away and I said ‘what was that’ and my sister said ‘Didn’t you see he was holding his thing with pants unzipped?!’ and I hadn’t even looked down there. It wasn’t that big of a thing to me (or him obviously, lol)

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