Yappie Yorkie among those honored for saving lives

A yappie Yorkie named Tuffy is just one of 15 honorees recognized for saving a life in the past year.

In addition to Tuffy, the American Red Cross Southern Arizona Chapter’s honorees include seven kids and seven adults who were in the right place at the right time and did the right thing.

While I’m prone to focus in the dog, these life-saving people should get at least equal billing. One of the most amazing was the kid who knew to put sugar in her brother’s mouth when he slipped into a diabetic coma. On second thought, they are all amazing.

2009 Real Heroes:

Tuffy – yapped loud enough to alert his owners to get the heck out of the burning house (pictured with his dad Brad Bishop)


Cody Pacheco – rushed for help when his dad tumbled and became unconscious on the ski slopes

Sam Gelardi – baseball coach who saved young player when sunflower seeds lodged in the player’s throat and nearly choked the boy to death

Daniel Hoback, Carlos Franco and Carlos Monteverde – saved the life of a Tohono O’Odham police officer whose car was hit and burst into flames

Clayton Trevillyan – rescued a severely bleeding man from the side of the railroad tracks

Jesus Bernal – revived a toddler who nearly drowned in a resort pool

John Wettack – saved his friend from death from a heart attack

Christina Street – 5-year-old who rescued her baby brother from the family’s burning home

Kids Saving Lives Special Heroes Award:

Dannik Batiste – saved brothers from doom when a pizza box caught fire on the stove

Jesse Lesnewski – 8-year-old who placed sugar in her brother’s mouth to get him out of a diabetic coma

Dominique Rodriguez Armstrong – 8-year-old who saved her family from a burning home

Valencia Pierce – 6-year-old who came to her mother’s rescue by calling 911 and providing vital, life-saving information

Tahmani Williams – 12-year-old who rescued uncle, who was in a diabetic coma, by dragging him from a burning home

Read more on the heroes at Red Cross Arizona.

Did you ever save a life or have your life saved?

Do you know any other heroes?


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7 Responses to Yappie Yorkie among those honored for saving lives

  1. RADC MAXIMUS says:

    Great way to start the day, knowing there are alert, caring people. The pooch is a cutie! Good job tuffy! Rynski, avatars available yet? I see some posters have them. What’s the trick?

  2. Rynski says:

    Hi RM –

    We’re still trying to figure out the avatar trick. Will let you know when we know!
    YES, blogger PABlo found out the avatar secret…but the rest of us are still in the dark.

    Maybe I’ll get a minute to play around and find out later this week.

    I love the heroes, too. I am especially amazed by the kids who just snap into action to do the right thing.


  3. RADC MAXIMUS says:

    Hey Rynski, I saw a ‘get Gargulinskied’ bumpersticker today. You’re a star. What’s up w/that?

  4. Rynski says:

    I’m far from a star…but I’m glad you got a gander of the bumper sticker.
    I think it’s on a total of three vehicles so far (haha).

    If you want to make it four vehicles, I can mail you one.
    E-mail me your address,

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